Census of Agriculture

Jan 2, 2013

The Census of Agriculture is administered every five-years and the latest survey of U.S. farmers and ranchers is underway now.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service conducts the census. Greg Matli is the deputy director of the Indiana Field Office.

He says the questionnaire will go out to a little more than 78,000 Hoosiers.

In the middle of one of the worst droughts Indiana has been through in years, some farmers say they and their ancestors weathered times like these before. Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman Wednesday honored families who have kept their farms going through thick and thin for more than a century. 

Drought worsens, leaves farmers with few options

Jul 19, 2012
Mike Loizzo / WBAA News

The fields of corn surrounding Idaville in eastern White County look pretty sad. They’re not very tall and they’re starting to brown. Typically, these fields yield anywhere from 165-to-175 bushels per acre, but not this year.

“We’ve been counting ears the last couple days," says Brian Scott. "We’re thinking the good stuff is 120, if we’re accurate.”

OK, so this story is about weeds and weedkillers, neither of which is ever the hero of a story, but stay with me for a second: It's also about plants with superpowers.

Unless you grow cotton, corn or soybeans for a living, it's hard to appreciate just how amazing and wonderful it seemed, 15 years ago, when Roundup-tolerant crops hit the market. I've seen crusty farmers turn giddy just talking about it.