General News

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is defending a school’s decision to fire a married gay teacher. 

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill will have a Republican challenger next year, if he runs for re-election.

Zionsville attorney John Westercamp announced his bid Thursday.

A decade-long legal battle between the state and tech giant IBM is nearing its conclusion.

Longtime All Things Considered host Robert Siegel talks with WBAA News Director Stan Jastrzebski during WBAA's 97th anniversary celebration.

Federal and state authorities across the country announced Tuesday a crackdown on illegal robocalls.

South Bend community groups have been asking for an independent review after a white police officer shot and killed 53-year-old Eric Logan. A special prosecutor has now been requested to review the case.

Indiana has seen a resurgence of rent-to-own housing contracts and housing organizations are advising buyers to beware.

Federal and state officials urged local leaders to proactively create plans to address hate crimes in their communities.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg held a press conference Wednesday afternoon with the President of the local NAACP and other city leaders including city council members and the police chief. He talked about what's next for South Bend and about keeping the investigation as transparent as possible. 

Early Sunday morning Sergeant Ryan O’Neill of the South Bend Police Department shot and killed Eric Logan.

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

WBAA News capped off a successful award season by adding nine more awards to the three regional Edward R. Murrow awards the newsroom won earlier this year.

At the group's annual conference in Washington, D.C., Public Radio News Directors Incorporated (PRNDI) named WBAA the national winner in its division in two categories:

Newscast, for work done on January 25, 2018.