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Lawmakers heard a lot of discussion last week about an unemployment program that would reduce employee hours in downturns, but avoid full-time layoffs. Despite some bipartisan support, it’s unlikely to be implemented in Indiana this year.

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The Indiana House will soon weigh in on whether teachers need extra steps to authorize union dues taken from their paychecks, but it comes after the bill passed the Senate in an unusual way.


Ten years ago, Indiana House Democrats walked out of the Statehouse and headed to Illinois in the middle of session, halting all legislative business for more than a month.

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Tensions flared in the Indiana House Thursday after Republicans shouted down Democratic lawmakers who voiced concerns about discrimination in a bill.

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The Indiana Senate thoroughly rejected legislation Monday that would have tied the hands of local governments when managing their public safety budgets.

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Indiana’s license requirement to carry a handgun in public would now be eliminated in March 2022, instead of July 2021, under a bill passed by a House committee Monday.

Secretary Of State Connie Lawson Announces Resignation

Feb 15, 2021
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Indiana will soon have a new secretary of state after Connie Lawson announced Monday she is resigning her post.

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Indiana law enforcement groups are on both sides of a debate over legislation that would no longer require Hoosiers to get a handgun license.


Pregnant workers could ask for workplace accommodations under a new bill headed to the House floor, but employers wouldn’t be required to grant them. Several groups say it’s a start to help expectant mothers and their babies, but doesn’t go far enough.

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Thirteen bills addressing state environmental issues will likely never see the light of day. House Environmental Affairs Committee chair, Rep. Doug Gutwein (R-Francesville), said he won’t hold hearings for any of the bills assigned to that committee this session.

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A bill giving the General Assembly more power in future emergency situations – and tying the government’s hands a bit – in future emergency situations is halfway to the finish line.

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Legislation approved by the Senate Monday would give more power to local city or county leaders to overturn the actions of local health officials.

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A group of school choice bills are prompting lengthy and emotional debates about school funding at the Indiana Statehouse, with dozens of individuals and organizations testifying on the legislation at committee hearings Wednesday.

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Changes made Thursday to a House bill would give the legislature more power to weigh in on emergency declarations made by a governor.

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Small businesses in Indiana are one step closer to having access to additional financial aid from the state. House Bill 1004, passed by the Indiana House Tuesday, will provide funds to help small businesses that have been hit hard during the pandemic.