Government News

A measure to restrict local governments from creating regulations on landlords passed out of the Indiana House Monday. That’s despite pushback from several hundred housing, legal and other organizations. 

Curtis Hill would be forced to step down as attorney general if his license was suspended for at least a month under an amendment passed by the House Monday. It follows a disciplinary hearing officer’s recommendation last month of a 60-day suspension. 

The Indiana Senate Monday passed an amendment to prevent some medical facilities from seeing a reduction in reimbursements. The language came as an update to legislation on surprise billing. 

Indiana Pays Out $182,000 Over 2016 Abortion Lawsuit

Feb 28, 2020

The state of Indiana will pay more than $180,000 in attorneys fees after one of several legal battles over an anti-abortion law wrapped up.

Consensus Reached On Smoking Age Increase Legislation

Feb 28, 2020

House and Senate lawmakers have reached consensus on what the final version of the bill to increase the smoking age will look like.

Lawmakers pushed back the death sentence for Indiana’s syringe exchange programs by one year under legislation approved by a Senate committee.

Surprise Billing Bill Passes Committee With Hesitation

Feb 27, 2020

A revised bill that would address surprise medical billing passed the Senate health committee Wednesday, but many senators say there’s still a lot of work to be done. 

House Committee Scales Back DCS Oversight Bill

Feb 26, 2020

A House committee dramatically scaled back a bill that would’ve provided greater oversight of the Department of Child Services.

Indiana Senate Democrats are calling for greater accountability for virtual charter schools in the wake of allegations that two such schools inappropriately took $68 million in tax dollars.

Legislation to ban handheld cell phone use while driving appears headed to passage after a Senate committee easily approved the measure.