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More women in Indiana are choosing to abort pregnancies with the so-called “abortion pill,” even while the total number of procedures is decreasing in the state.

The vast majority of abortions are done using one of two procedures. So-called “chemical” or “medical” procedures use a pill to abort a fetus at home. “Surgical” abortions, which are also referred to as "suction curettage,” use a vacuum-like device to suction out fetal tissue. Both methods are legal in Indiana and cost approximately the same.

IN abortion rate declines

Jun 6, 2012

Fewer abortions were performed in Indiana in 2010 than in any other year in the past three decades.

A little more than 10,000 procedures took place that year, based on the most recent data from the Indiana State Department of Health.  That’s a 5% drop from 2009. It’s also the lowest the figure has been since 1977, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mike Fichter with Indiana Right to Life says state legislation and the work of crisis pregnancy centers that encourage abortion alternatives have contributed to the drop.