Happy Hollow Park

West Lafayette Parks Go Hi-Tech To Attract Visitors

Aug 3, 2016
Chris Morisse Vizza/WBAA

Some West Lafayette parks and recreation staff members drew a lot of stares and questions last week as they documented every city park and trail.

That’s because it’s tough to ignore city Trail Manager Nick Rawles driving an ATV while wearing the Google Trekker - a camera covered orb mounted atop a space-age looking shoulder harness.

Rawles, and Parks Director Jon Munn, learned how to operate the contraption to record every inch of trail and points of interest at every park.

City of West Lafayette / http://westlafayette.in.gov/

The State Street redesign is one of the most ambitious – and costly – projects the city of West Lafayette has ever attempted.

But is its expected $60-80 million price tag an albatross around the city’s neck that prevents leaders from improving water infrastructure at a time some west side residents are complaining they’re poorly served?

John Dennis faces that question and more this week on Ask The Mayor.

Also coming up in this half hour: Speaking of projects that have hung around too long, a listener wants to know when she can get back into Happy Hollow Park.

Erica Gibson/WBAA News

The reopening of a pedestrian entrance into West Lafayette’s Happy Hollow Park is still at least a year away, officials said Tuesday.

The footpath at the intersection of Grant and Salisbury streets has been closed for more than two years.

Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Janet Fawley says erosion in the park makes the project more challenging.

“It’s hard to get in there because you can’t have a vehicle of any kind in that area," says Fawley. "You have to carry everything and it just is really time consuming and it’s a lot of work to get there.”

City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette’s mayor spent much of last summer speaking out in favor of allowing gay marriage in Indiana.

This week’s he’s taken a similar tack, speaking against the state’s so-called religious freedom bill.

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we ask John Dennis if discrimination (and those who are for it) are winning or losing the ultimate policy battle in the state.

We also take a number of listener questions during this half hour.

WL looking to improve heavily traveled footpath

Oct 1, 2013

The West Lafayette Redevelopment Commission has allocated $50,000 for repairs and upgrades to the footpath leading into Happy Hollow Park.

The trail starts at the pedestrian entrance at the intersection of Grant Street and Salisbury Avenue and continues until it meets the Wabash Heritage Trail inside the park.

The one contractor that responded to a request for quotes bid $217,000-- or more than four-times what the city has put aside.

Parks and Recreation Department superintendent Joe Payne says the work will be done in phases based on priority and available funds.

WL seeking input on Happy Hollow Road project

Sep 10, 2013

Design work for the reconstruction of Happy Hollow Road is entering the final stages and West Lafayette officials want public input before completing the plans.

Public Works director Dave Buck says there will be very little change to the road's current footprint. However, he calls the scope of the project significant:

WL improving Happy Hollow Park & city pool

Oct 25, 2012
West Lafayette Parks & Recreation

The City of West Lafayette is allocating more than $110,00 for a pair of infrastructure projects.

The Board of Works agreed to pay about $66,000 to upgrade the municipal pool house. The project addresses Americans with Disabilities Act compliance requirements for the dressing-shower rooms, bathrooms and office, along with gates and rails at the pools.

It also includes providing additional shade and should take about four months to complete.