The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for many families — and that stress can affect a child’s development, including their language and social skills.

School boards and parents are debating the best ways to protect students from COVID-19 this fall - particularly whether K-6 students who are not eligible for the vaccine should still have to wear masks. 


More Hoosier veterans are now able to get support from the state’s Military Family Relief Fund.

Clinical trials for antiviral drugs to treat COVID-19 have produced inconsistent results. New research led by Indiana University says the problem may come down to how these trials are designed. 

While Waiting for Mental Health Care, Children Suffer

Jul 2, 2021
Carter Barrett

Family pictures and religious art cover the walls in Meg Hartz’s home in South Bend, Indiana. She’s sitting on the end of a sofa, with a notepad to her left and a crochet kit to her right. In this spot — what she calls her command center — she’s spent hours on the phone trying to find her son mental health care.

In 5th grade, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a mental illness defined by episodes of manic behavior and severe depression. At the end of 6th grade, his condition worsened. Manic episodes kept him awake for days, and he struggled at school.

A federal judge Wednesday blocked a major part of Indiana’s latest anti-abortion law from taking effect. The halted provision deals with a controversial "abortion reversal" protocol.

Health Officials Worry About Low Vaccination Rates

Jun 9, 2021

Upon taking office, President Joe Biden set July 4 as a benchmark for getting 70% of the nation fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus.

City councils in West Lafayette and Lafayette voted on Monday to move forward with their lawsuits against opioid distributors and manufacturers separately from Indiana’s opioid litigation.  


The Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) has signed up more than 3,500 people to the organization's health plans since first going into effect at the beginning of this year. While not all applicants have been accepted, one member says the program is overall an improvement.

A group of Indiana faith leaders has teamed up with IUPUI to provide free, anonymous lead testing kits in Indianapolis, Muncie and, eventually, statewide. The program aims to break down barriers for Black, Brown and other communities of color, and lower-income communities who are more likely to be exposed to lead at home.

(Alicia Sanders and Rashad Elby/GoFundMe)

Several community groups are criticizing IU Health’s response to the external review of Dr. Susan Moore’s death. Moore died in December from COVID-19 complications. In a viral Facebook video, Moore alleged racial bias in the care she received at IU Health North Hospital.

(Alicia Sanders and Rashad Elby/GoFundMe)

An external review on the death of a Black woman doctor found the “medical management and technical care” she received from Indiana University Health did not contribute to her death. But the review also found a lack of empathy and compassion in the delivery of her care, according to a news release from IU Health Wednesday. 

Tippecanoe County’s remaining COVID-19 restriction appears to have been voided after the state legislature overruled Governor Holcomb on Monday, enacting a bill that requires health orders stricter than the state’s to receive approval through local governments.


Farah Yousry

After every mass violence incident, Barbara Thompson sees a pattern.

“You almost always hear that the people think that there was something wrong — that this person had a mental illness,” said Thompson, who is the executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Indiana. “And so it becomes something really difficult for people who are experiencing mental health conditions to feel like maybe they're being connected somehow to these tragic events.”


Black patients are less likely to receive diagnostic medical imaging during a hospital visit, studies show — and that might lead to a range of health disparities, experts say.