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Hoosiers on Indiana’s Medicaid expansion program, HIP 2.0, will now have access to some benefits while they transition to insurance from a new employer.

Approval from the federal government makes the state’s Workforce Bridge program possible.

Indiana likely has tens of thousands of people infected with COVID-19, even though limited available tests have only confirmed 12 such cases.

Lafayette School Corporation, West Lafayette School Corporation, and Tippecanoe School Corporation will be closed starting Monday, March 16, and begin remote learning instruction on Wednesday, April 1, in an effort to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.


According to a joint statement released Friday, each school district will be on an “extended” spring break, which will end on March 31. On April 1, classes will resume using remote instruction, which will continue until at least April 3.  


In response to COVID-19 concerns, the state of Indiana is doing more to protect vulnerable Hoosiers from the virus. More Indiana universities canceled in-person classes and the Indiana High School Athletic Association is limiting spectator access to tournament events.

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Thursday steps Indiana will take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The state had reported 12 known cases as of Thursday morning.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association has now postponed its boys basketball tournament, but said in a statement Friday it would move forward with the state girls gymnastics tournament.

The organization is making changes to comply with guidelines on coronavirus from federal health officials.

St. Joseph County, Indiana, Has 1st COVID-19 Case

Mar 11, 2020

The St. Joseph County Health Department confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the county this afternoon. Health officials say they are expecting more cases in the next few days.

The Indiana State Department of Health today confirmed two more cases of COVID-19 in the state. That brings the total number of patients to six. 

Indiana University has temporarily suspended face-to-face classes starting later this month in light of the rapidly changing coronavirus outbreak, according to a university press release.

Coursework will move online for all IU students following the school’s spring break, from March 23 to April 5. 

This decision comes after the state announced its sixth confirmed case of the virus Tuesday morning. As of Tuesday afternoon, only 36 people have been tested by the Indiana State Department of Health, according to its website.

Indiana University Health


Indiana University Health announced restrictions Tuesday for visitors to their Lafayette, Frankfort, and Monticello hospital campuses to protect patients from possible coronavirus infection. 

A total of four people in Indiana have now tested positive for the new coronavirus. The latest case involves a student from an Avon elementary school and an adult from Noble County.

The Indiana State Department of Health, ISDH, announced Sunday it has identified a second positive case of illness from the new coronavirus.

How Heart Disease Can Strike Young Mothers

Mar 6, 2020

Most people think of heart disease as something that only happens in old age. That’s not always the case. But younger people may not recognize symptoms of a cardiac emergency because they don’t think it could happen to them.

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West Lafayette School Superintendent Rocky Killion confirmed Friday the parent of a West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School student tested negative for coronavirus, one day after informing the school corporation about the possible diagnosis. 

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Tippecanoe County Health Officer Dr. Jeremy Adler said there are no confirmed coronavirus cases in the county, after Indiana’s first confirmed case in Marion County was announced earlier Friday.


“Due to this confirmed case, we are providing recommendations to the community to protect persons at higher risk of serious illness due to the virus,” Adler said.