Indiana Board of Animal Health

A new report from the Animal Welfare Institute says Indiana lags in enforcing humane slaughter rules at small, state-inspected meat plants – that it issues citations, but never stops production.

The Indiana Board of Animal Health took issue with that logic, saying its inspectors are doing their jobs.

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The final avian flu quarantine has been lifted in Dubois County, where an outbreak earlier this year led to the loss of more than 400,000 birds.

The outbreak affected 10 turkey farms, all of which were identified within a 24-hour period. The State Board of Animal Health quickly quarantined the farms and restricted the moving of poultry or poultry products in and out of the farms.

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State lawmakers and small farmers appear to have reached a compromise over previously contentious legislation regarding who can sell chickens to restaurants and other institutions.

Currently, producers slaughtering 20,000 birds of fewer annually are limited to “household consumer” sales…that means they can sell through farmers markets, at roadside stands or directly out of their operations.

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Supporters of legislation that would regulate Indiana high-fenced deer hunting say the recent resolution of a decade-long court battle – negating any state authority over the industry – will give them traction this session. 

The state court system ultimately decided last year that Indiana has no authority under current law to regulate the hunting facilities. Rodney Bruce, the owner of one of Indiana’s high-fenced deer hunting preserves, where people can pay money to hunt farm-raised deer in an enclosed area, says that makes this year’s legislation critical.

State Plans To End Bird Show Ban In September

Jul 10, 2015
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Indiana’s ban on poultry shows could stop rustling feathers on September 17. Indiana’s Board of Animal Health issued the ban during an avian flu outbreak, but no new cases have emerged anywhere in the country in the past three weeks. 

The U.S. can officially be declared flu-free if the virus doesn’t appear by mid-September. State veterinarian Bret Marsh says along with setting an end date for the bird ban, the state has narrowed it to cover just poultry -- not parrots, doves or pigeons.

Raw Milk FAQs from Purdue Extension

Dec 5, 2012

Purdue Extension is out with a new publication on raw milk. Raw Milk FAQs is free to download and is meant to be a resource for Indiana lawmakers who might consider legislation banning or regulating the sale, and those interested in drinking milk that is not pasteurized.

The Indiana Board of Animal Health also recently released its report, which was ordered by the General Assembly. You can find it HERE.