Indiana Department of Corrections

Inmates at the Indiana Women’s Prison will soon be the first outside of California to enroll in a computer coding seminar. The Last Mile program tries to reduce recidivism and train women for a career path where they’re under-represented.

“We all need a second chance,” says MC Hammer, the musician known for "U Can't Touch This" and a board member of The Last Mile. “This is a country of second chances and these ladies deserve a second chance.”

Peter Balonon-Rosen / Indiana Public Broadcasting

It may be no surprise that education makes it less likely for a person to end up back behind bars.

But since 2010 many higher education classes in Indiana prisons have faded.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Peter Balonon-Rosen reports on one remaining college-level program that not only educates students, but also transforms them in the process.

Paul Robinson /

Gov. Mike Pence’s proposed budget, unveiled Thursday, includes increased funding for the Department of Correction and new prison construction.  But, it includes no money for local community corrections.

The Indiana Department of Corrections may soon gain the authority to approve the educational courses inmates can take for degree credit under a change proposed in a legislative study committee.