Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Activists and outdoor recreation businesses want Indiana to set aside ten percent of state forests for old growth trees — about four percent more than what the state has now. That was one takeaway that came out of hours of testimony to lawmakers at a summer study committee discussion Wednesday. 

The state is considering making the ruffed grouse an endangered species. In the 1980s, the ground-dwelling bird was found in more than 40 counties in Indiana, now it’s only found in a few. 

Piping Plovers Rest On Indiana Beaches During Journey South

Aug 24, 2019

Indiana is truly the crossroads of America - not just for people, but also as a migratory stop for an endangered species of bird. 

There are about 75 pairs of Piping Plovers in the Great Lakes population and most of them nest in Michigan.

Indiana National Dunes Beaches Closed After Fish Kill

Aug 16, 2019

Beaches, including ones in the state’s first national park, are closed this weekend after a large fish kill. Authorities say the kill is likely the result of a chemical spill.

A dead deer in Clark County has tested positive for a fatal virus. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources hopes the public will keep an eye out for sick deer while it confirms results in 17 other counties. 

While state and federal agencies are trying to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes, there’s evidence that one type is already reproducing in Lake Erie. If they become established, there’s concern that the invasive fish could spread to other lakes — including Lake Michigan.

A committee plans to study how the state manages its forests this summer. The idea came from a failed House motion by Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) that would have set up a task force to look at practices like logging and make recommendations to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Early this spring, parts of the Midwest saw record flooding. With climate change, Indiana’s winters and springs are only going to get wetter. 

House Democrats tried to pass two amendments this week that could have changed the way Indiana manages its forests. They added them to a bill covering a variety of things regarding the state’s natural resources. 

CO2 Storage Bill Passes House

Mar 25, 2019

A bill that would create a pilot program to store carbon dioxide underground is going back to the state Senate. The legislation, which passed the House on Monday, has undergone a lot of changes.