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Indiana is a step closer to eliminating its license requirement to carry a handgun in public after the Indiana House passed a bill do so Monday.


Ten years ago, Indiana House Democrats walked out of the Statehouse and headed to Illinois in the middle of session, halting all legislative business for more than a month.


Legislation that would force about 300 small townships to consolidate with larger ones took its first step forward in the Indiana House Tuesday.

A House committee advanced the bill  by a 10-0 vote after making some changes to the measure.


Indiana House lawmakers passed a bill Monday requiring doctors to inform women their drug-induced abortions could be reversed – and also to say there’s no scientific study to support that claim.

The vote for the measure, authored by Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Boonville), came over bipartisan opposition.

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Several of Indiana’s Congressional Representatives are once again co-sponsoring legislation that would repeal the Medical Device Tax.

Several Indiana companies have been pushing for a repeal of the tax that took effect in 2013.

Congress passed a two-year suspension of the 2.3 percent excise tax at the end of 2015.

But Indiana medical device manufacturers are still operating with a level of uncertainty about what will happen beyond that.

Legislators Criticize New Energy Efficiency Plan

Mar 26, 2015
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 Indiana is on the brink of enacting a new energy efficiency plan to replace one repealed last year.

The House has approved a bill requiring electric companies to submit plans every three years for how they‘ll encourage more efficient energy consumption.

Utilities and Energy Chairman Eric Koch (R-Bedford) says the state had some form of efficiency requirement from 2004 until this year, when Governor Mitch Daniels‘ "Energize Indiana" program was formally abolished.

Bill Would Make Regions Collaborate, Compete For Dollars

Mar 4, 2015
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A bill that would create an initiative granting funding to collaborating groups in regions around the state is moving through the Indiana Senate.

The Regional City Fund would grant or loan regions money to improve the area based on a proposed growth plan.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation President Eric Doden says it’s similar to the state’s existing Stellar Communities grants, but the new initiative is more collaborative.

State Could Provide 'Safe Haven' Baby Boxes For Parents

Feb 26, 2015
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Indiana could become the first state to put out boxes designed for parents to put babies in when giving those children up.

The Safe Haven Baby Boxes bill was passed unanimously by the House as an alternative to parents abandoning children in unsafe areas.

Fort Wayne firefighter and paramedic Monica Kelsey says not enough parents know about the Safe Haven Law and there need to be more options for desperate parents.

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A House committee Tuesday unanimously approved a bill creating what Speaker Brian Bosma calls the first major ethics code revision in at least 20 years. 

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When House Republicans unveiled their legislative agenda last month, increasing public education funding was near the top of the list.

During his address at the swearing in ceremony for House members, Speaker Brian Bosma told lawmakers the GOP will support initiatives to ensure dollars are spent in the classroom.

“And the first is an effort to compensate teachers without the administrative middleman and the second is an effort to cut administrative costs,” he says.

Bosma notes that for every dollar the state spends on education, 43 cents is spent on administration.

Music therapy bill approved by Indiana House

Jan 30, 2013

A measure that would certify Indiana therapists who specialize in using music to treat people with autism, Alzheimer's and other conditions is advancing in the General Assembly.

The bill has been approved by the House and is headed to the Senate for consideration.

It would create a new state board to certify music therapists working in the state.

Lafayette state senator Sheila Klinker co-authored the bill.

She says a state certification would help convince more health insurance providers to cover the treatment.

Lawmakers have reached a compromise on a statewide smoking ban.

The measure was passed by the House late last night and is expected to be voted on by the Senate today.

The proposed ban includes exemptions for bars, casino gaming floors, cigar and hookah bars, tobacco stores and private clubs.

But it eliminated exemptions for bingo halls and health-care facilities which had been added by the Senate.

Senate supporters of the bill are uncertain whether they have the votes to win passage for the compromise version.

Changes made to police entry bill

Feb 23, 2012

Changes to a bill regarding warrantless police entry have not stopped criticism from state law enforcement.

The Indiana Senate voted to spell out circumstances in which homeowners can legitimately respond with force if police barge into their home.

The bill is in response to an Indiana Supreme Court ruling that a lawsuit is the only proper way to challenge such an entry.

But opponents are concerned the bill could encourage violence toward police officers.

IN House Approves Right-To-Work Bill

Jan 26, 2012

Despite five members voting against it, Indiana House Republicans still garnered enough votes to pass Right-To-Work legislation.

The bill passed by a 54-to-44 vote.

It goes to the Senate, where last week members there approved an identical measure, and then is expected to go to Governor Mitch Daniels desk.

His signature would make Indiana the 23rd state in the nation to adopt a bill banning unions and companies from charging dues to non-union members.