Indiana Michigan Power

A consumer advocate group says Indiana Michigan Power doesn’t need most of its proposed $172 million rate increase. Under I&M’s proposal, customers’ monthly bills would go up by more than 11 percent — an increase of about $21 for a typical resident. 

I&M Power To Close Half Of Its Rockport Plant By 2028

Jul 18, 2019

Indiana Michigan Power will close half of its Rockport coal plant — which some activists call a “super polluter.” Though the unit won’t shutter for nine years, environmentalists see the move as a victory.

Hearings Set On Rate Increases

Jul 8, 2019

In May, Indiana Michigan Power announced a massive $600 million plan to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission it says would create a “smarter energy grid” for the state.


Duke Energy /

The Environmental Protection Agency has been tightening pollution standards for toxic emissions, and regulations are likely to increase in the future.

The new rules push utilities toward cleaner energy production, but they’re also costly.

Coal-fired power plants in Indiana are balancing federal demands with business pressures in a number of ways.

Some, like Indianapolis Power and Light’s plant in Indianapolis, are converting to run on natural gas.

Others are shutting down, like the plant owned by Duke Energy in Terre Haute.

Clean Power Plan Stay Has Little Impact On Coal Companies...For Now

Feb 11, 2016
Alan Berning /

Coal industry representatives in Indiana, one of the nation’s top coal-producing states, say the Supreme Court’s stay of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan has little immediate effect on the state.

By many accounts, utility companies haven’t been scrambling to comply with the proposed regulations, which would require Indiana to create a plan to reduce its carbon emissions by more than one-third over 15 years.

The stay lets states off the hook until the Supreme Court has its say on the plan.