Indiana Senate

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Indiana senators are looking to add more restrictions and regulations to county syringe exchange programs, or SEPs.

Four amendments have been added a bill granting counties the ability to set up their own syringe services programs. Currently, the state health commissioner must certify a public health emergency before such a program can be created.

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A bill that would create an initiative granting funding to collaborating groups in regions around the state is moving through the Indiana Senate.

The Regional City Fund would grant or loan regions money to improve the area based on a proposed growth plan.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation President Eric Doden says it’s similar to the state’s existing Stellar Communities grants, but the new initiative is more collaborative.

State Senate District 7 preview

Nov 1, 2012

A veteran of the state Senate is using his record in office to convince voters in the seventh district that he deserves another four years.

But, his opponent, a political newcomer, believes constituents are looking for a fresh face.

WBAA’s Sam Klemet reports on the race that covers parts of Jasper, White, Carroll, Tippecanoe, Clinton, and Boone counties