Indiana Senate

Senate committee approves smoking ban

Feb 23, 2012

The Indiana Senate will take up a statewide smoking ban next week, for the first time ever.   

A year after killing an exception-laden smoking ban 8-1, the Senate Public Policy Committee approved a tougher version 8-2.    

Supporters contend the public health benefits trump any arguments against the measure.

The bill exempts gambling facilities, cigar and hookah bars, tobacco shops, and social clubs. 

Bars and taverns are also exempt, but only for the first 18 months.

Indiana’s Senate has passed a bill that would require all students to complete one virtual course before graduating from high school.

The measure is currently under debate in a House Committee.

Lafayette School Corporation Superintendent Ed Eiler believes there needs to be more concrete clarifications before implementing the policy.

He also says added costs may come as the result of the bill and thinks that needs to be examined more thoroughly before anything is done.

Indiana Senate Passes Right-To-Work Legislation

Jan 24, 2012

Indiana is closer to becoming a Right-To-Work state.

The Senate passed a measure that would prohibit unions from charging dues to non-members by a 28-to-22 vote.

Nine republicans and 13 Democrats voted against it.

There are currently 22-states with similar laws in place, but Democrats in the House are trying to stop the bill from moving forward.

Party members walked out of the session again Monday in an effort to halt the legislation.

They are pushing for it to be put on a referendum during the November election.