Indiana State Board of Education

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The Senate has passed its version of a bill to change the makeup of the State Board of Education. 

Senate Bill 1 allows the members of the State Board of Education to select a board chair from within their ranks.

Right now, the state superintendent automatically assumes that position. But the General Assembly has taken it upon themselves to change this following months of strained relations among the board, current superintendent Glenda Ritz and Governor Mike Pence.

Claire McInerny / StateImpact Indiana

Governor Pence is trying to use his authority to shorten this year’s ISTEP, after parents and educators shared concerns over the amount of time students will sit to take a test, which was set to more than double in some cases.

The Department of Education released timetables for this year’s ISTEP last week, and parents and educators immediately expressed outrage at the amount of testing.

Last year’s ISTEP required a third grade student to sit for five hours to complete the test, but this year, that increased to more than 12 hours.

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Governor Pence is dissolving his education agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation. The news came as a surprise to many in the education field because “CECI”, as it's called, was the governor’s brainchild.

Since its creation last year, CECI has overseen staff for the State Board of Education, the group responsible for creating policies that affect thousands of students across the state.

But some people aren’t sure whether this move is enough to help board members cooperate and accomplish their goals.

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Legislative leaders are split along party lines in their evaluations of Governor Mike Pence’s proposed changes to the state’s education hierarchy. 

Governor Mike Pence will eliminate the controversial Center for Education and Career Innovation, or CECI, which has been a thorn in the side of state Superintendent Glenda Ritz since its creation two years ago. 

But Pence also wants the General Assembly to allow the State Board of Education – made up of Pence appointees – to elect its own chair, a position held by Ritz. 

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Governor Mike Pence announced Thursday that he intends to sign an executive order to dissolve his education agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation. 

Pence expressed pride in the work CECI has done in the last two years, but says he is aware of the controversy that has surrounded this center since its creation. He says his decision is the first step to get the State Board of Education working again.

State Board Of Ed. Delays Release Of Schools' A-F Grades

Oct 15, 2014
West Lafayette Community School Corporation

The state‘s A-to-F grades for schools will not be made public this month after all.

The State Board of Education voted Wednesday to delay the release of the grades for the 2013-14 school year after a heated discussion involving appeals of grades filed by a handful of schools. The grades are now scheduled to be released at the next state board meeting on Nov. 5.

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A Marion County judge is allowing a lawsuit involving a dispute between state superintendent Glenda Ritz and the State Board of Education to move forward.

The judge Tuesday denied the Attorney General’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by four residents against the State Board of Education.

The issue at the center of the lawsuit is whether State Board of Education members violated the state’s open meeting law when they decided via email to send a legislative leaders a letter, asking them to intervene in how school’s A-F grades were being calculated.

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Kindergarten teacher Twyla Flint is worried.

"We’ve been hearing about the discourse, the difficulties that they’ve been having through, you know, television and news reports over the last several months," she says.

Flint could be describing Congress. But she’s actually talking about a more local group: Indiana’s State Board of Education.

The group has a lot of influence over what happens in her classroom so Flint went to watch the Board meeting last Wednesday like it was some kind of traveling sideshow.

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Groups opposed to a teacher licensing permit that would require no teacher training ahead of time say the proposal is dangerous and poses grave concerns about teacher preparation.

The State Board of Education last week moved forward with a proposal to create a Career Workplace Specialist permit.  It would allow individuals to teach in high school without a teaching degree. 

Opinion shows SBOE did not violate Open Door Law

Nov 26, 2013

The 10 appointed members of the State Board of Education did not violate Indiana’s Open Door Law in signing a letter to legislative leaders last month. That's according to an advisory opinion from the state’s public access counselor released Monday.