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Biologist Finds Silver Lining In Listeria Outbreak

Jan 28, 2016
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An outbreak of Listeriosis has killed one person in Michigan and hospitalized 11, including a person in Indiana. But that bad news might provide researchers with more information to better detect future problems.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked the strain to a Dole packaging plant in Ohio. Many people hit by the outbreak reported eating bagged salads originating at the factory.

The government is recommending grocers and restaurants who use the salad mixes rid themselves of the contaminated products.

Health Officials: No Cancer Cluster In Johnson County

Dec 1, 2015
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The State Health Department and the Department of Environmental Management say they have not found enough evidence to link cases of child cancer around Franklin to a cancer cluster.

ISDH officials say they studied numerous factors, and IDEM studied water, soil, and other factors but found nothing in the area that would be cancer-causing.

There had been concern among some residents that contaminated water was leading to an increase in the number of cases of childhood cancer.

Johnson County Undergoes Cancer Cluster Investigation

Nov 30, 2015
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A meeting to discuss the outcome of a community requested cancer cluster investigation is happening tonight in Johnson County.

The Indiana State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Management will be on hand to hear from Johnson County residents about concerns over the area’s water supply and how it may or may not tie into cases of childhood cancer. The meeting is being held at Franklin Community High School.

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Indiana's Commission on Improving the Status of Children voted Wednesday not to pursue a statewide newborn safety incubator program.  But advocates of the so-called “baby boxes” say there’s hope for progress in the future.

Baby boxes, installed into the walls of “safe haven” locations, are meant to provide mothers an extra layer of anonymity when dropping off unwanted newborns. 

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Youth e-cigarette use is on the rise and state cessation programs are having to adapt their outreach. But, it’s unclear if existing anti-smoking campaigns can keep up with the trend.

In Clinton County, schoolchildren assemble for Red Ribbon Week, where a woman shows them one of the newest “drugs.” The “drug” in question is about the size of a pen, and it’s found increasingly in the hands of schoolkids.

“I’ve seen it at one of my baseball games before in Fishers.”

“And at Walmart, or not Walmart, but at like CVS.”

Department of Neuroscience / Washington University School of Medicine

More than two dozen residents of Henry County have been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer since 1999 and they want to know why. However, a state health department investigation may find that the cases aren’t linked by anything but chance.

As a cancer, glioblastoma is rare.  Which makes it strange that since 1999, 26 people have been diagnosed with the highly malignant brain tumors in Henry County.

State Health Department Creating Trauma Guidebook

Jun 5, 2015
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The Indiana State Department of Health plans to target preventable injuries with a resource guide for emergency rooms and child-welfare caseworkers.

Officials plan to complete a guidebook by the end of the month, spelling out strategies for preventing 10 common injury sources, from child abuse to senior citizen falls. 

Some of those topics are what the Centers for Disease Control classify as "winnable battles" -- areas where the solution is to simply not do something. Other areas will offer proactive suggestions, says injury prevention epidemiologist Jessica Skiba.

Indiana's HIV Outbreak Continues To Grow

Mar 20, 2015

Last month, the Indiana State Department of Health announced an outbreak of HIV in the southeastern part of the state, and the number of cases continues to rise.

The outbreak has been concentrated in Scott County. Dr. Kevin Burke of the Clark County Health Department, which handles HIV cases for the region, says his team has confirmed 51 cases as of Wednesday afternoon. Fifteen other people have been flagged through preliminary screenings.

Is Indiana At Risk for Measles Outbreak?

Feb 5, 2015
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The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has a lot in common with Disneyland, the starting point for the current measles outbreak, which has infected more than 100 people and spread to 14 states. Kids there interact a lot with their environment, sometimes putting their hands in their mouths, then everywhere else — then back in their mouths.  To fight the spread of germs, at the museum, hand sanitizer and soap and water is never far away, and the staff is vigilant about wiping down surfaces with disinfectants. 

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Most adults will get one to three colds every year, and medical personnel say there are some things to keep in mind before heading to the drug store for treatment.

Most over-the-counter medications can relieve the symptoms of a cold, but not always without risk.

Joan Duwve, chief medical consultant with the Indiana State Department of Health, says it's important to always take medication as needed and directed, and only try to treat the symptoms you have.

West Nile Virus Found In Mosquitoes In Tippecanoe County

Aug 18, 2014
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Three mosquito groups found in Tippecanoe County last month have tested positive for West Nile Virus.

The Indiana State Department of Health informed the County Health Department of the results today.

This is the first time this year that a positive test has been reported in Tippecanoe County. 

Health officials are encouraging residents to use insect repellent and dress in long sleeves and pants when outdoors, particularly between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

IN flu-related deaths climb to 40

Jan 23, 2013

The number of flu-related deaths in Indiana has more than quadrupled over the past few weeks. The state department of health is reporting 40 Hoosiers have died during the flu season, which began in November.

Most of the deaths occurred in those 65 or older, and all but two of the fatalities had an underlying medical condition. Those include heart disease, diabetes, asthma and renal disease.

The Indiana Department of Health is confirming more than 100 cases of a flu virus in the state, which officials say is showing up in swine.

Health experts say Variant Influenza A, also known as H3N2v, has sickened 113 people in 18 counties. Those are: Bartholomew, Greene, Hamilton, Hendricks, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson, Kosciusko, LaPorte, Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, Owen, Porter, Scott, Tipton, Washington, and White.

Trauma is the number one killer of Hoosiers under the age of 45. That includes deaths from falls and vehicle accidents.

The Indiana State Department of Health Trauma Care Committee has an effort underway to the lower that statistic.

Five cases of flu have been confirmed in Hoosiers who have had direct contact with pigs.

The Indiana Department of Health reports testing is underway on other possible cases, and statewide monitoring of flu activity is underway.

Health officials are taking precautions at the Indiana State Fair, which runs through August 19, by testing all pigs before they’re allowed onto the fairgrounds.