Indiana State Parks

John Clare

John Clare talks to Executive Director Leslie Martin Conwell, and Education/Event Coordinator Lauren Reed of the Farm at Prophetstown, a 1920’s farmstead highlighting sustainable agriculture, homesteading, heirloom gardening, and farm to table cooking. Activities go throughout the year, and Conwell and Reed discuss the most popular events, plus ways to volunteer.

Today At The Statehouse: The 2016 Session's Final Days

Mar 8, 2016
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Legislators should take a final vote this week on making license branch trips cheaper and easier.

Two million motorcyclists, truckers and bus owners will see their costs go down as dozens of fees are eliminated entirely.

BMV general counsel Adam Krupp says Hoosiers who own only a car probably won’t see their costs change – but they could.

Indiana Celebrates 100 Years Of State Parks

Dec 16, 2015
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Indiana State Parks kicked off their 100th birthday celebration at McCormick’s Creek State Park in Owen County today, the first of many events planned leading up to the official centennial next year.

McCormick’s Creek was established as Indiana’s first state park in 1916. A full year of events celebrating that anniversary started Wednesday, as dozens of people gathered at the park’s Canyon Inn for a traditional 1916-style breakfast followed by a hike.

Park Manager Dwight Brooks says McCormick’s Creek was actually a gift to the state for its centennial.

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Indiana’s state parks resemble a bathtub that’s ringed with mildew. That’s how Department of Natural Resources officials describe the current state of park land.

DNR Deputy Director Mike Smith says in most parks, a ring of green sludge is all that remains from the heavy rains earlier this year.

Smith says the agency has had to cancel more than 4,000 reservations and has missed out on almost $700,000 of revenue it expected to generate.

Smith says most of that money was likely to come from in-state tourists.

State Park Entrance Fees On The Rise

May 8, 2015
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Entrance fees for Indiana State Parks are on the rise.

A series of price increases take effect next week.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources spokesman Phil Bloom says the fee hike is due to higher operational costs.

"We're looking to generate some additional revenues," says Bloom. "Parks are not only an important quality of life destination for Hoosiers but they're also a key contributor to the state's economy."

Bloom says daily entrance fees will increase from $5 per vehicle to $7 for Indiana residents, and season passes will go from $40 to $50.