Indiana Toll Road

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U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao met with Indiana leaders on Tuesday in the Michiana area to open Indiana’s toll road and discuss details of the South Shore Train expansion and double tracking project. Chao touted the public-private partnerships used in the two projects.

She said Indiana’s work on the toll road and South Shore rail line should be viewed as models for the rest of the country.

City of West Lafayette

Three groups of companies have signified their interest in working on the redesign of West Lafayette’s State Street.

Two groups include companies with a presence in Greater Lafayette. The Plenary Roads State Street team includes Rieth-Riley Construction and the Walsh Gateway Partners team includes Milestone Contractors.

Senate Finance Committee

In 2005, Mitch Daniels brokered the Major Moves deal -- leasing the Indiana toll-road for $3.8 billion for 75 years.  He told a Senate committee looking for infrastructure improvement ideas Thursday the public-private partnership was a high point of his term.

"It was a great joy of public service to watch literally the dreams of decades, become real.  Project after project of people saying 'that’ll never happen' are in being in Indiana," Daniels said.

Indiana Toll Road Under New Management

May 28, 2015

  The Indiana Toll Road is officially under new management Thursday as an Australian firm finalized its purchase of the previous operator, which went bankrupt last year. 

The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company, which took over operations of the toll road under a lease agreement in 2006, filed for bankruptcy in September of last year. IFM Investors, selected by the state from among four finalists, now assumes management of the 156 mile stretch of highway across northern Indiana. 

Counties Finalizing Bid To Buy Indiana Toll Road

Mar 3, 2015
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The Indiana Toll Road could become a government-run road again for the first time in nine years.

The operating company formed by the Spanish-Australian consortium which leased the Toll Road emerged from bankruptcy last year with a plan to sell the lease.

Lake and LaPorte Counties, through which the road runs, plan to submit a cooperative bid to buy it.

The state concluded under then-Governor Mitch Daniels the road couldn‘t possibly pay for itself, and I-T-R Concession Company has now concluded it can‘t make enough money to make the road worthwhile.

LaPorte County Floats Plan To Take Over Toll Road

Nov 14, 2014
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A Northern Indiana county wants to band together with surrounding communities and take back the Toll Road.

LaPorte County announced Wednesday they’re working to put a multi-county bid together for the Indiana Toll Road lease, after the current operator filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

LaPorte County officials are reaching out to the six other counties along the Indiana Toll Road, hoping to convince them to sponsor a not-for-profit corporation that would bid on the lease.

Toll Road Operator Given More Time To Find Buyer

Oct 29, 2014
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The company which operates the Indiana Toll Road has exited Chapter 11, but will continue to look for a buyer for the lease.

A Chicago bankruptcy judge gave final approval to I-T-R Concession Company‘s prepackaged bankruptcy. The reorganization gives the company 10 months to find a buyer. The Spanish-Australian consortium is eight years into a 75-year lease of the road.

The company would restructure its debt or line up new financing if it can‘t sell the lease.

Indiana Toll Road Operator Files For Bankruptcy

Sep 26, 2014
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Less than a decade into its lease, the operator of Indiana’s Toll Road filed for bankruptcy this week. Investment group Cintra-Macquarie paid 3-point-8 billion dollars in a 2006 deal to lease the toll road for 75 years.

While the state received the full payment up front, some are still worried the bankruptcy filing could still hurt Hoosiers.  

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The private company which operates the Indiana Toll Road is filing for bankruptcy today.

ITR Concession Company is the operating arm of a Spanish-Australian consortium which paid nearly $4 billion for a 75-year lease on the Toll Road in 2006.

The lease says Indiana gets the road back if ITR is unable to fulfill its responsibility, but the company says the Chapter 11 filing won‘t affect road operations.