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Legislature Won’t Approve Indy Eleven Stadium This Year

Apr 30, 2015
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It‘s "wait till next year" for the Indy Eleven soccer team in its attempt to win state financing help for a new stadium.

Negotiators deadlocked on how much money to commit to a plan to expand IUPUI‘s Carroll Stadium, the Eleven‘s current home.

Avon Republican Pete Miller, the bill‘s Senate sponsor, says they couldn‘t reach agreement on how the cost should be divided.

"Trying to find the right split between what's the state's share and the city's share and the university's and the team," says Miller. "And we just didn't get there." 

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The Senate has overwhelmingly approved a 20-million-dollar renovation of IUPUI‘s Carroll Stadium for the Indy Eleven soccer team.

Sen. Pete Miller (R-Avon) says the state has a chance to get ahead of the curve as soccer gains in popularity in the US.

The Senate scaled back a House-passed plan to use a tax-recapture mechanism to help the team build a brand-new 80-million-dollar stadium.

Sen. Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) says renovating Carroll Stadium is a much better plan.

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After a week consumed by a fix to Indiana‘s religious-objections law, legislators get back to other business next week.

Thursday is the deadline for the House and Senate to bring bills to the floor. Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley will unveil the Senate version of the budget that day, and the Senate is also expected to move a common construction wage repeal forward.

There may also be action on bills which have already reached the floor, but stalled there while leaders focused on finding a solution to the RFRA issue.