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When Indiana’s college students return to class next semester, they’ll start to see more in-state jobs marketed to them. A program called “Let Indiana Work For You” aims to convert college graduates into highly-skilled workers.

The Indiana Office of Technology is launching a paid job training program to create skilled technology workers. That makes it the first state agency to deliver a certified “earn and learn” program.

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It’s not often that cities turn down all the bids they receive for a project, but that’s just what Lafayette’s Board of Works did this week on a road paving and sidewalk improvement job.

And to hear Mayor Tony Roswarski tell it, this story might be more common in the coming years, because it’s a seller’s market in the construction trades. A lack of qualified workers means companies don’t have the manpower to do all the available jobs at once, and they can pick and choose only the most lucrative projects – and charge more for the work than they used to.

Salesforce Signs Trump's Pledge To American Workers

May 16, 2019

Salesforce Chairman Marc Benioff pledged to train 1 million workers for new tech jobs Thursday at an event in Indianapolis. Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump attended to support his pledge.

Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar discusses the annual employer survey with Senior Vice President Tom Schuman and Vice President for Education and Workforce Development Jason Bearce. (Samantha Horton/IPB News)
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For the first time in the 11 years of the Indiana Chamber’s annual employer survey, more than half of the respondents say they left jobs vacant in the past year because a lack of qualified applicants has made it difficult to fill those unoccupied jobs.

High School Job Training Takes On New Life In Indiana

Jul 3, 2017

What’s the point of high school? To get students ready for college or the workforce?

For years, Indiana officials have gone back and forth.

“Indiana has tended to shift one way and say ‘everyone needs a four year degree’ and then we shift the other way and say ‘we just need technical certifications,’” says Molly Deuberry, Indiana Department of Education spokesperson. “Really, the truth is in the middle, we need a great mix of all of those things.”


Gov. Eric Holcomb told Indiana factory owners Wednesday that he and the state legislature will do more this year to help find and train new workers.

At the Indiana Manufacturers Association’s annual legislative briefing, Holcomb said he knows factories are struggling to find enough qualified employees.

Vincennes University


Vincennes University is teaming up with Indiana manufacturers to recruit more women into tech and engineering jobs.


The public school will sponsor 46 women to live in a dedicated dorm while pursuing two-year science, technology, engineering or math degrees next fall.


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In the coming months, Subaru needs to add hundreds of workers at its huge Lafayette plant. But it hasn't been easy for the car-maker or other manufacturers to hire people with the right skills.

So they're teaming up, with trainings starting in April, to create a new workforce from scratch.

Lafayette's Subaru of Indiana Automotive, or SIA, is the only Subaru factory outside Japan. Inside, 5,000 people are turning chunks of steel into cars.

Re-entering The Workforce Series: Part 2 -- Students

Aug 12, 2015
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The workplace is changing at a rapid pace -- employees have to learn how to use new technology every day, jobs can often be more short-term and project-oriented, and companies are looking for people who not only have the skills to fill today’s positions but are able to think ahead and shape how business is done in the future.