Jose Serebrier

What's New: Serebrier

Jul 31, 2016

The first published use of the word "multitask" appeared in an IBM paper describing the capabilities of the IBM System/360 in 1965. We might think of an example of multitasking as a short-order cook: keeping several orders memorized while frying eggs, flipping pancakes, taking orders at the counter, and refilling coffee!

We’ll hear from a musician who conducts, composes, and records with the greatest of ease – the multitasking maestro, Jose Serbrier – on today’s What’s New!

Clive Barda

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José Serebrier is a globe trotting composer and conductor making music and recordings with the top orchestras, and in recent years, received 37 Grammy nominations for his work. Serebrier worked with legendary conductors Leopold Stokowski and George Szell and led music festivals in Massachusetts, and Florida, commissioning many composers, including Elliot Carter's String Quartet No.