Karlee Macer

Indiana House Republicans rejected an attempt to exempt breastfeeding equipment from the state sales tax.

State Rep. Karlee Macer Not Running For Governor

Aug 13, 2019

Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis) won’t run for governor, she announced Tuesday.

Health care executive and former Indiana State Health Commissioner Woody Myers is set to announce Wednesday that he’s running for governor.

Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis) says a bill to tighten control of the Military Family Relief Fund is a "good first step." (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

The Indiana House unanimously passed legislation Monday to tighten the controls on the state’s Military Family Relief Fund.

Proposed legislation would allow some incarcerated parents to better maintain involvement in their child’s life.

Lawmakers approved a House floor amendment Thursday to require yearly sexual harassment training for all state lawmakers.

The provision would require lawmakers take at least one hour of sexual harassment training each year. Exactly what qualifies as training would be decided by the House Speaker and the Senate President Pro Tem.

Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis) says such a move is long overdue.

“And I don’t believe that Indiana has done everything right. But we certainly are on the path to doing so,” Macer says.