Krzysztof Urbański


In the early 20th Century we started using term ‘melting pot’ more widely, even though it was used to describe America in the 1780s. That is mostly due to a play titled The Melting Pot. In it, the protagonist writes a symphony ‘expressing hope for a world in which all ethnicity has melted away.’ Years later, the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus tells the story of a dedicated but frustrated teacher who composes The American Symphony. Fast forward to 2011 and Adam Schoenberg writes American Symphony, inspired by the 2008 US election. 

Holger Hage

Jan Lisiecki ("Remember the name." - The Financial Times) just turned 22 years old and has released his fifth recording, Chopin: Works for Piano and Orchestra. You may have seen the young Canadian with Polish roots not long ago with the Indianapolis Symphony, and this latest disc is led by conductor Krzysztof Urbanski!

Lisiecki spoke with Music Director John Clare about the release.

What's New: Polish Music

Nov 11, 2016
Fred Jonny

A music festival began one September in Warsaw, following the death of Joseph Stalin. The goal was to share new music – from the West – and from Polish Composers!

We’ll hear some of the leading composers from Poland, including Witold Lutoslawski, Andrzej Panufnik, and Krzysztof Penderecki on today’s What’s New!

Luis Catan

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Contract between ISO and musicians reached

Oct 16, 2012

After a five week lockout and five months of negotiations, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has reached an agreement with union officials. The deal includes a substantial pay cut for the ISO's musicians.

The ISO and Local Three of the American Federation of Musicians have agreed to a short and long term contract. In addition to a shortened playing season, the new agreement includes $11.5 million in concessions from the musicians, and a 33% pay cut for the first year of the contract.