Les Huddle

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Of Tippecanoe County’s three school corporations, so far only Lafayette School Corporation officials plan to close for next week’s “Red For Ed” rally at the Indiana Statehouse.

Some 130 LSC educators have asked for the day off, so Superintendent Les Huddle Monday decided to cancel classes on November 19, allowing his teachers to rally in front of state lawmakers.

Huddle says the district could not find enough substitute teachers to cover those who’ve requested personal days next Tuesday, so he had no choice but to cancel classes.

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) is drumming up support of a bill he says will help part-time workers and their employers.

He worked with Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) on a bill that defines a full-time employee as one who works 40 hours.

Donnelly says the Affordable Care Act uses 30 hours, and that has caused businesses to cut part-time workers’ hours.

Beacon Academy in West Lafayette is set to continue serving non-traditional students in the area.

Lafayette School Corporation board members voted to reauthorize sponsorship of the school’s charter for the next five years.

Superintendent Les Huddle says the academy is geared toward high-school-aged students in particular.

It'll give some LSC students an opportunity to continue their high school education that maybe ran into some trouble, made some bad choices, maybe have found themselves behind academically."

LSC working on new strategic plan

May 29, 2013

A new strategic plan for the Lafayette School Corporation could be finalized before this fall.

Administrators involved in the planning process are looking at the big picture of what is important for the corporation as a whole.

Superintendent Les Huddle says the new plan needs to cover a range of issues, including corporation finances.

He says the goal is a long-range plan taking both income and expenditures into account.

After administrators draft a list of provisions for the plan, it will go to the school board and members of the public for input.

LSC school moving to "balanced calendar"

May 29, 2013

A Tippecanoe County high school is moving forward with a revised schedule next school year.

Lafayette School Corporation board members approved a new “balanced calendar” for Oakland High School.

Superintendent Les Huddle says more breaks are in store for families affiliated with Oakland.

He says the intercessions will eventually be an opportunity for both remediation and enrichment.

Huddle says this will give Oakland students a chance to catch up on schoolwork or move ahead to new material.

Lafayette School Corporation

Lafayette School Corporation’s Sunnyside Middle School is altering its name. This summer, it’s set to change to Sunnyside Intermediate School.

School board members unanimously approved the move.

Superintendent Les Huddle says this name better reflects the school’s student body of fifth and sixth graders.

LSC supt. says A-F grading system must change

Nov 27, 2012

Indiana's system of grading school performance needs to be reevaluated. That's the assessment of Lafayette School Corporation Superintendent Les Huddle. He says the way the current A to F system is set up leaves a lot of room for interpretation and confusion.

Huddle thinks the Growth Model is a good attempt, but he believes there are some ways to adjust that in the future.

“It seems like we’re reestablishing a target almost annually that the teachers have to work towards and the students have to work towards.”

LSC kicks off "Chance" program

Sep 11, 2012

A program to help improve student behavior is taking shape in the Lafayette School Corporation.

The district board approved starting the Chance Program.

It is for kids in kindergarten through fourth grades.

LSC Superintendent Les Huddle says the goal is to address issues early so that they don’t become long term problems.

Miller Elementary will host the program.

Huddle says the students will go there for as long as necessary, but expects most to finish within a week or two and then return to their regular school.

LSC begins new strategic planning process

Jul 24, 2012

The Lafayette School Corporation’s current strategic plan is five years old, and is set to expire at the end of 2012.

Superintendent Les Huddle says the new strategy should come as a smooth transition from its predecessor.

"We want to look at more of a revision than a total wipeout. Again, there are some things accomplished that were in the current strategic plan that we'll be able to pull out. There are some things that weren't accomplished that we need to check and see if they're still a priority."

The Lafayette School Corporation is preparing to begin a new era.

Superintendent Ed Eiler led his final meeting as head of the district Monday night.

Les Huddle will take over next Monday.

The incoming superintendent says Eiler has been important in helping him in the transition.

"He's been fabulous, very open, honest, upfront; just everything you would expect," said Huddle of Eiler.  "I feel like I'm coming in to ground with some organizational history already, so I feel very comfortable and can't wait until Monday."