Mason Bates

In The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, Mason Bates and Mark Campbell created an alternative and intimate perspective of a public life. It focuses on people and experiences that shaped Steve Jobs: his father, his Buddhist practice, his rise and fall as an executive, and his marriage. WBAA Music Director John Clare spoke with Bates about the new recording on Pentatone and the upcoming performance at IU's Jacobs School of Music September 14-22.

Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

To emerge is to “become apparent, important, or prominent.” In classical circles, young composer contests might include 35 or 40 year olds. Emerging artists might be in their late 20s or 30s.

We’ll hear some amazing musicians you might not know, including Pultizer Prize winner John Luther Adams and pianist Elizabeth Joy Roe on today’s What’s New!

Strings Magazine

A new program airs Sunday nights on WBAA Classical: What's New. Host John Clare features new music, new releases, and interesting guests. Hear a special preview of this week's What's New, and let us know what you think.

Anthony Barlich

Windy City. Third Coast. Chicago has been a leader in the arts, tourism, and pizza for a long time. The Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Duh Bears have fans around the world. We’ll focus on Chicago’s musical scene for a once in a lifetime event – the Ear Taxi Festival – that takes place over six days, October 5th to 10th.

We’ll hear from composer Augusta Read Thomas about the Ear Taxi Festival, as well as some of her music, and that of Mason Bates with the Chicago Symphony, plus Third Coast Percussion playing Steve Reich on this episode!