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As the discussion about Hoosiers facing mental health issues evolves, one problem frequently mentioned is a lack of support systems.  

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Jill Sheridan reports on one of these support systems, Clubhouse, a rehabilitation center that is working to reestablish state Medicaid funding.

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Gov. Mike Pence Tuesday signed more than a dozen bills he says will expand benefits and opportunities for Indiana’s military servicemembers and veterans. 

Former Indiana National Guard Adjutant General Martin Umbarger was one of more than two dozen people gathered around the governor as he signed 13 bills into law. 

Umbarger says he’s particularly pleased with one that expands the Military Family Relief Fund.  That program was originally created to help post-9/11 veterans pay food, housing, utility, transportation and medical bills.  

Pence Signs Bill Locking HIP 2.0 Into State Statute

Mar 21, 2016
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Governor Mike Pence Monday signed into law a bill codifying the HIP 2.0 Medicaid expansion, meaning any changes to the health care plan in the future will need to go through the state legislature.

HIP 2.0 requires cost-sharing from virtually every enrollee, even if it’s only a $1-per-month contribution. Pence in a statement praised the plan for what he calls its dedication to consumerism and personal responsibility.

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More than 3 million people in United States are infected with Hepatitis C, a virus that can destroy the liver and cause liver cancer. 

The number of cases is increasing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and most new cases are attributed to injection drug abuse.

In the last few years, new drugs have come on the market that can cure hepatitis C with a more than 90 percent success rate.

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana has filed another lawsuit against the state, this time against the Family and Social Services Administration. 

​The newest lawsuit is over Medicaid payments for Hepatitis C treatment.

There is a cure for Hepatitis C, but it can cost as much $100,000. Medicaid programs can get the drugs for cheaper, but they're still expensive. So, to limit the burden on the state, there are requirements. Patients have to have a certain level of liver damage. Or they have to also be infected with HIVr before Medicaid will pay for the treatment.

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More than two weeks after the first meeting of  Governor Mike Pence’s drug abuse task force, the governor is ordering state agencies to begin implementing some of the group’s initial recommendations.  

One of the drug task force’s initial recommendations urged the state to seek broader Medicaid coverage for drug treatment.  Governor Mike Pence is now directing the Family and Social Services Administration to determine the feasibility of that recommendation. 

Repealing The Affordable Care Act Could Eliminate HIP 2.0

Feb 4, 2015
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Indiana’s Republican congressional delegation is expected to vote this week in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act — only a week after applauding federal approval of HIP 2.0.

A repeal of President Obama’s signature health care law could have consequences for Indiana’s recent expansion of the Healthy Indiana Plan.

“Technically speaking, if the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed, then the federal funding for HIP 2.0 would go away with it,” Seth Freedman, associate professor at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs says.

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Ask Republican legislative leaders how they’re feeling after the governor announced that, after months of negotiations, Indiana would expand healthcare coverage for its working poor, you’ll get essentially the same answer:

"It’s a really big day for Indiana,” says House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis).

Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) called it "a remarkable achievement for Indiana.” 

“Oh, very exciting; great day for Indiana,” says House Public Health Committee Chair Ed Clere (R-New Albany).

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Indiana Family and Social Services Administration officials say they’re working to recoup Medicaid dollars that were inappropriately distributed to dentists in the state.

A federal report released today shows 94 pediatric dentists were paid too much for their services in 2012.

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Indiana now how more people without health insurance than all of our neighboring states according to a new report.