Megan Robertson

Opposition group confident it can kill HJR-3

Feb 25, 2014

When opponents of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage announced the formation of a group to fight the amendment, few observers gave them much of a chance.

But now the amendment is on hold for at least another year, and the leaders of Freedom Indiana are confident of killing it altogether.

Campaign manager Megan Robertson says having a single group directing strategy made it easier to keep everyone on message.

She maintains passing the amendment would have damaged the GOP politically.

The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce is taking a stand against a proposal that would rewrite the state constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Chamber president Michael Huber says the amendment is a distraction from economic and workforce development challenges. He believes if the General Assembly approves the proposal, it will have a negative impact on the city’s business climate.

A majority of Hoosiers say using a constitutional amendment to deal with same sex marriage is the wrong course according to a new poll released Tuesday.  The poll is from a group opposing Indiana’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Freedom Indiana’s poll – conducted by former Mitch Daniels-pollster Christine Matthews – says 64% of Hoosiers don’t think amending the state constitution is the right way to deal with same sex marriage. 

Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

A bipartisan coalition of community, faith and business leaders opposing Indiana’s proposed amendment banning same sex marriage is promising a well-funded campaign against lawmakers who support the measure.

The General Assembly approved a constitutional amendment in 2011 banning same-sex marriage. If the legislature passes it again next year, it would go to the voters in November, 2014, as a referendum.