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Farmers around Indiana have faced challenges marketing their products to potential buyers, and the coronavirus pandemic made the problem worse. A joint effort between Purdue University and Microsoft will help connect local farmers directly to customers online.

Purdue, Microsoft Partner On Quantum Computing Research

May 31, 2017
courtesy Purdue University

Purdue researchers are partnering with Microsoft and scientists at three other universities around the globe to determine whether they’ve found a way to create a stable form of what’s known as “quantum computing.”

A new five-year agreement aims to build a type of system that could perform computations that are currently impossible in a short timespan, even for supercomputers.

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In the corner of a basement office in Purdue’s Mann Hall, there’s a desk up on cinder blocks, sitting higher than all the rest. A few feet away there’s a workspace consisting of tables whose height can be raised or lowered. Researcher Brad Duerstock designed his own office  – to accommodate his wheelchair.

“I’ve used mounting systems where I was so kind of physically away from the table, I was more close to the table behind me than the table I was really involved with," he says. "So it is excluding.”

Microsoft is under fire this week over a patent it was granted that's been dubbed the "avoid ghetto" feature for GPS devices.