Mona Berg

A Celebration of Haitian Art

Jan 10, 2013

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the exhibit is the art of Haiti is full of color – on the canvas, in the bead-adorned flags, and covering the paper machete pieces. But when you begin to really study the art, you take away something different.

“When you look into it," says Lorie Amick, "there’s an awful lot of really serious, heavy, sorrowful topics that are still depicted with these bright colors, which I find really fascinating.”

Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

Walk into the Art Musuem’s East Gallery and it’s like you’re walking into the American Southwest. Native American rugs are hanging on all the walls with hardly any bare space in between them. Pottery of all different shapes, sizes and styles is placed perfectly throughout the room.

Mona Berg and Bruno Moser selected the pieces for the exhibit Navajo Rugs and Pueblo Pots: From the Compton and Hasegawa Collections.

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is unveiling its newest exhibits Friday.

Four collections will go on display starting this weekend including Bob and Ellie Haan’s “Indiana Realities.”

Bob Haan says the 39 works come from some of Indiana’s greatest artists and aim to depict one of the most challenging times in U.S history, the Great Depression.

The Haan’s have donated nearly 50-works to the Art Museum’s permanent collection over the past 20-years. Some of these will be displayed in another exhibit.