Office of Management and Budget

Hoosier taxpayers won’t get an automatic state taxpayer refund in 2019 despite record-level budget reserves.

A change from 2013 explains why the refund wasn’t triggered.

Indiana finished its most recent fiscal year with more money in reserve than it’s ever had.

Top Holcomb Budget Leaders Departing Administration

May 17, 2019
State Budget Director Jason Dudich, left, and Office of Management and Budget Director Micah Vincent, right, are both departing the Holcomb administration. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Leadership at Indiana’s budget agencies is undergoing major changes.

Office of Management and Budget Director Micah Vincent says Hoosiers should be happy the state doesn't rely on corporate taxes as that revenue source continues to decline. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana closed the books on its 2018 fiscal year to mark the third consecutive year the state collected less in corporate taxes.

The state collected $318 million less from corporations this year than last year.

Indiana House GOP

Statehouse Democrats say the budget proposal Governor Mike Pence unveiled Thursday doesn’t tell a true story when it comes to increasing education funding, with some lawmakers saying Pence is using “fuzzy math.”

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Governor Mike Pence says he wants the 2015 meeting of the General Assembly to be an “education session.” 

Governor Pence’s proposed budget contains a $200-million increase in K-12 school funding over the next two years.  That includes about $41-million more specifically set aside for charter schools.  Office of Management and Budget Director Chris Atkins says that money would be used to increase per pupil funding by $1,500 and would reduce inequity between funding of charters and traditional public schools.