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While Frankfort leaders are hoping to draw more people to the area this holiday season for winter festivities, they’re also faced with a problem: where all those people are going to park, especially as year-round residents get frosty about wanting to share those same spaces.

So on this week’s Ask The Mayor program, we’ll chat with Chris McBarnes about what his city’s remedy might be. Some cities have installed parking meters, while others, such as Lafayette and West Lafayette, have chosen more passive – but more costly – forms of enforcement.

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The weather outside may not yet be frightful, but as cities prepare for it, there’s snow business like snow business. The City of West Lafayette hopes to stay frosty as it freezes drivers out of parking on some major streets when icy precipitation beckons.

And even if motorists can’t melt the hearts of parking enforcement officers, the city must still thaw out its thoroughfares. However, environmentalists have become increasingly salty in recent years about the standard methods of doing that, which they point out raises the salinity of nearby waterways. So what else beats a wintry mix?


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A team of Lafayette developers says its ideas for a revamped Chauncey Hill Mall have been largely confirmed by a week of public input.

Trinitas Ventures plans to start razing the current site by the end of 2019 and then begin a two-year facelift once the site is clear.

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It’s always frustrating when looking for a parking spot on a crowded street to notice that one more might have been available had another driver not taken up more than their fair share of space.

The City of Lafayette is trying to combat this road rage-inducing phenomenon with $20 fines for poor parkers. But the move, which is designed to make better use of Lafayette’s limited downtown parking, might have some unintended consequences.

Access Key To Construction On Lafayette Main Street Project

Mar 21, 2016
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Drivers in downtown Lafayette need to find alternate routes as construction rolls out on the Main Street streetscape project.

Lafayette Economic Development Director Dennis Carson says work is already underway on upper Main, between Tenth and Eleventh streets.

This week, crews will start work on Main near Fourth, then move progress east toward Eighth Street.

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The City of West Lafayette expects to roll out a new digital parking enforcement system in January, about eight months later than originally planned.

The project hit a roadblock earlier this year when the company that had been hired to provide the electronic monitoring system filed to liquidate its assets in federal bankruptcy court.  

City leaders say there was no way to predict the company’s financial problems, and the bankruptcy case was compounded by the fact that the corporation was originally formed in Canada.

Lafayette parking enforcement officially moved in-house

Jan 16, 2014

The city of Lafayette has officially moved its parking enforcement services in-house.

Two full-time employees will issue tickets and operate the city’s parking garage.

The staff will also serve as Downtown Ambassadors to answer questions or address concerns from residents and visitors.

Officials say a GPS-based digital system will make the process more efficient, and moving away from using a third party vendor will be more cost-effective.

The city is also making changes to the fee structure for on-street parking violations.

Parking fines set to increase in Lafayette

Sep 16, 2013
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The City of Lafayette is considering a hike in parking fines. The Parking Commission approved the move Monday.

Officials say it’s been roughly 15 years since the last increase in parking fines. Compared to West Lafayette, Bloomington and Muncie, the city currently has lower penalties.

Lafayette adding parking spots downtown

Sep 16, 2013
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Some additional parking spaces are coming to downtown Lafayette.

City Engineer Jenny Leshney says removing two lanes of traffic across several blocks will free up about 19 spots on 4th Street from Columbia to Alabama streets. That also will create roughly three dozen spots on South Street from 3rd to 6th.

Leshney says changing Alabama Street from one-way to two-way prompted the changes.

Where did I leave my chariot?

Oct 29, 2012

Purdue's 2012 Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium will consider the issue of parking. A panel will discuss both technological and cultural perspectives - everything from safety to efficiency to cultural impact.