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A new corn disease has been discovered in Indiana, and it’s the first confirmed case in the country.

The disease called "tar spot" is more commonly found in Mexico and Central America, but its presence in the Hoosier state should not cause any immediate problems.

Kiersten Wise, Purdue Extension Specialist for Field Crop Diseases, says a fungus causes the disease and it discolors crops in ways other pests do.

Large Crops Not Translating To Large Bankrolls For Farmers

Nov 20, 2014
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The truck traffic at Kokomo Grain Company is constant.

"We will process between 400 and 500 trucks a day in the 12-14 hour day at this facility," says Senior Grain Merchandiser Mike Silver.

He says all of the truckloads of corn and soybeans can add up to 750,000 bushels per day. Trucks dump the grain quickly, but a long line soon snakes around the Kokomo Grain’s entrance.

Indiana and several other Midwestern states are poised to break records with this year’s yields, so the grain elevators here are already halfway full.

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U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has wrapped up a two-day visit to Purdue.

He says a mountain of data the school has collected on rural communities, many of them agrarian in nature, may help the government better target solutions to problems such as child poverty.

“The ability of Purdue to help us identify the common characteristics of counties and regions where child poverty is high is going to give us the ability to focus government resources more effectively at trying to address that issue,” Vilsack says.

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A Purdue expert says despite the Indiana corn crop being planted a bit late, high yields are still likely.

WBAA’s Kristin Malavenda spoke with Purdue Extension corn specialist Bob Nielsen about the outlook for this year’s harvest.

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The new head of the Purdue University Extension’s agriculture and natural resources programs says he’ll focus on food security. But that may mean butting heads with activists opposed to genetically-modified crops.

If recent marches against agriculture company Monsanto are any indication, there are plenty of people concerned that too many crops are produced by lab techs first and farmers second.

Purdue Extension helping IN melon farmers

Jun 21, 2013

Indiana melon farmers are trying to better understand Food and Drug Administration requirements in preparations for upcoming inspections later this year. The FDA plans to inspect all cantaloupe operations nationwide in response to a pair of bacterial outbreaks.

More than two dozen farmers gathered this week at a farm in Vincennes to talk about what they say is an uncomfortable but necessary topic—how to prevent food borne illness.

Purdue University

The new head of Purdue Extension wants to find a better way to get information into the hands of Hoosiers.

Jason Henderson was most recently a vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He oversaw outreach programs in economic education, community development, and agricultural/rural programming. Henderson thinks that experience will transfer to Extension and benefit Hoosiers.

His first day on the job was May 28th.

Purdue hires new Extension director

Mar 26, 2013
U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

A Purdue graduate will be the next director of the university’s Extension Service. Jason Henderson received his master’s and doctoral degrees in agricultural economics.

He’s currently a vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In that role he leads the Bank’s agricultural and rural outreach and research programs. He also is responsible for outreach programs in the state of Nebraska for the Kansas City Fed, and leads efforts to track agricultural and rural economic conditions for the Bank.

Purdue Extension director candidates on campus

Feb 11, 2013

The next phase of the search for a new director of Purdue Extension begins Tuesday. The four finalists for the job will be on campus this month for more interviews. The position also includes serving as an associate dean of the Purdue University College of Agriculture.

The successful candidate will succeed Chuck Hibberd, who accepted a similar position at the University of Nebraska in October.

Purdue Extension improvement website

Dec 18, 2012

Purdue has launched a new webpage to help Hoosiers improve themselves. The initiative is from Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences.

It has information and resources focused on healthy eating, money management and parenting, among other topics.

It also includes a “Find an Educator” feature, so you can connect with an Extension specialist in your county.

You can find it HERE.