Purdue Student Government

Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA News

Though they’re often overlooked or written off, university student government officials are rarely unenthusiastic. And occasionally, they even surprise themselves when they propose an idea that seems a tad far-fetched.

So when Purdue student Vice President Caroline McKinney went to talk with West Lafayette City Council members about the idea of getting a student's voice on the council, she proposed the idea of adding a non-voting member to the body.

Purdue Student Government senators are moving forward with a committee focused on campus safety.

Its creation is in response to the deadly shooting and stabbing of a student last week.

PSG Vice President Meg Highley says while the new panel is in reaction to the incident, it is also necessary to try to prevent similar situations.

This committee is tasked with collecting student opinions through open forums.

Highley says the goal is to make everybody feel safe on campus and she is encouraging students to take part in the process.

Purdue offering Student Legal Services

Aug 21, 2013

Purdue’s undergraduates will have a new resource beginning September 3. The university has hired its first director of Student Legal Services.

Jeff Stefancic, associate dean of students, says the position will help students with common legal issues.

“Really helping students understand what their rights and responsibilities are under the law,” he says.

Stefancic says he wants this position to be proactive with talks to student organizations and groups of individuals.

Purdue Community Voter Registration Day

Sep 24, 2012

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day. The League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette and Purdue Student Government are using the occasion to register more people before the General Election.

Bobby Egan is the executive director of governmental relations for PSG. He says he wants to change the perception that few college-age students vote.