Purdue to freeze pay raises for some

Mar 18, 2013

Purdue is limiting pay raises for some employees the next two years. It affects deans, senior administrators, and administrative and professional staff who earn more than $50,000. The move is expected to save $5 million.

It's designed to offset roughly $40 million in revenue the university won't get by freezing tuition and most fees the next two years.

Merit raises are still possible for faculty, clerical and service employees, and administrative and professional staff who earn less than $50,000.

Purdue's new chiller earns university a rebate

Mar 15, 2013
Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

Purdue is benefiting from being energy efficient. The university received a rebate check for $81,000. It comes from an Energizing Indiana program in conjunction with Duke Energy as an incentive for businesses to make system improvements.

Vice President of Physical Facilities Bob McMains says the money will help the university become more energy efficient.

U.S. News rankings of Purdue grad programs

Mar 12, 2013

U.S. News and World Report is out with its latest rankings of graduate school programs.

Among those rated this year is Purdue’s College of Engineering, which moved up from 10th to 8th in the country. Eight engineering schools made the lists in their respective categories for their graduate programs. Those include agricultural and biological engineering at number one, 6th ranked aeronautics and astronautics, and electrical engineering ranked 10th.

Purdue University

Purdue President Mitch Daniels is giving more details about a proposal to freeze tuition and most fees. His plan would affect students on the West Lafayette campus the next two years.

Daniels says an increase would have added about $40 million in revenue, which he says the university can manage to do without. He says the plan may even enhance to university’s core mission of teaching and research.

Daniels says no one should assume the worst over the budget impact of a proposed tuition freeze, but he expects every unit on campus will keep spending in-line to make it happen

Purdue set to freeze tuition

Mar 1, 2013

Purdue students on the West Lafayette campus likely won’t see an increase in tuition this fall or the year after. President Mitch Daniels announced his intentions to freeze tuition and most fees at the current levels for the next two years. The two that will go up are the student activity and student fitness and wellness fees, which were already approved.

That means an in-state student will pay just under $10,000 per year, non-residents about $28,800, and international students $30,800.

Conversation with Purdue's president for February

Feb 21, 2013
Purdue University

  A reorganization of the upper administration at Purdue is inevitable. That’s the assessment of President Mitch Daniels.

He says successful executives are often lured away by other universities. Daniels adds that some careful and thoughtful streamlining is likely, but a top-to-bottom overhaul is not needed.

Daniels made the comments during his first in-studio interview with WBAA since becoming president.

Purdue child care survey

Feb 13, 2013

Purdue plans to survey employees about their child care needs. A letter sent to faculty, staff and graduate students indicated the questionnaire would be coming soon.

It is part of the Child Care Task Force, which is a joint effort among several of the university’s vice presidents and the University Senate.

The survey is seeking information current and future child care needs, and resources on campus and in the community.

Purdue VP for Marketing and Media leaving

Feb 12, 2013

Purdue’s vice president for marketing and media is leaving the university. Teri Lucie Thompson has accepted a similar position with the University of Arizona.

She came to Purdue in August of 2008 and led a restructuring of the university’s marketing effort, including a new branding campaign.

Thompson oversaw marketing and research, strategic communications, media relations and WBAA.

President Mitch Daniels says announcements about the future structure and leadership of marketing and media operations will be made during the next few weeks.

Purdue changes IPP rules for student inventors

Feb 8, 2013

A change in rules at Purdue is designed to encourage students at Purdue to develop new technologies and inventions.

Previously, any ideas pursued while enrolled at the university were subject to ownership by Purdue.

Now, students will have the opportunity to own the rights to their inventions.

Officials say the revised Intellectual Property Policy will give students who come up with ideas in the classroom setting to get the proper recognition.

Purdue's Krannert creating new MBA program

Feb 8, 2013

A new MBA offering at the Krannert School of Management will focus on Purdue’s strengths. The STEMBA program is designed for professional engineers and scientists who want a business degree.

Krannert Dean Chris Earley says it will be based in Chicago, because there is no other MBA program like it in the city. He thinks with Purdue's reputation, the effort can take a really strong foothold there.