rest area

Emilie Syberg / WBAA

For the third time, a large group of pigeons has been found abandoned in the same rest area off Interstate 65. 

Rest area attendant Edwin Hensley discovered the birds late Sunday night, as he had twice before, during his evening trash run. This time, however, the pigeons had been dumped directly into one dumpster, while the boxes in which they were transported were discarded in another. Of the 51 pigeons they found, five were already dead, possibly drowned in the several inches of sitting water in the receptacle.

Kim Hoover / Hoots to Howls Wildlife Rehabilitation Facebook page

Two-and-a-half months after 57 pigeons were found abandoned in a rest area dumpster near the Wolcott exit on Interstate 65, 88 more pigeons were found crammed into sealed boxes at the same location.

Wildlife rehabilitator Kim Hoover, who led efforts to ensure the earlier group of sick and starving birds found places to recover, says she never thought she would see this again.

“But you know what, this is a story—it’s one for the record books, I’m telling you,” Hoover says.