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City of West Lafayette

To live in West Lafayette these days is to follow the continuing saga of the State Street redesign.

The $120 million project looms over the future of the city – but just how in unclear.

Today on Ask The Mayor, we quiz West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis about what he’s learned of the project after being kept in the dark by confidentiality agreements.

And we’ll get his take on whether Purdue now wields more influence than the city itself.

Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

It’s been a summer of sometimes frustrating road construction for Crawfordsville. Its local streets have been buffeted by orange cones and snarled by stopped trains and its interstate construction was delayed because of the I-65 mess in Tippecanoe County.

So this week on Ask The Mayor, we have Todd Barton weigh in on Governor Pence’s new road funding plan – which doesn’t give any new money to local road projects.

Lafayette Mayor's Office

A sports marketing firm has gotten City of Lafayette officials to play ball when it comes to selling beer at Loeb Stadium.

The park has been home to several teams in the past 70 years, but none has lasted more than a few seasons. So what makes Mayor Tony Roswarski think this time will be any different?

We also talk more about crime on today’s program. A listener writes in to say she’s worried about her neighborhood.

And the city is hoping sending more police cars home with officers will stem the rising tide of violence. But is that an admission something’s wrong?

Mike Demers /

Governor Pence is dismissing charges by opponents that the closure of a bridge on I-65 near Lafayette is a result of neglected maintenance.

Pence says the bridge over Tippecanoe County’s Wildcat Creek was scheduled for replacement next spring. But while engineers are still trying to determine exactly why the bridge sank several inches into the ground, Pence says INDOT's tentative conclusion is that other construction work caused the bridge to settle.

He says engineers are studying whether erosion around an underground aquifer may have played a role as well.

City of Lafayette

It’s often said every U.S. Senator looks in the mirror and says “that looks like a President of the United States.” So is the same true for mayors, especially long-tenured ones, who might aspire to run more than just a single city?

Today, we ask Lafayette’s three-term mayor whether a higher office might suit him, regardless of the outcome of this fall’s election.

We also entertain lots of listener questions in this half hour. Everything from roadwork and overhanging foliage to chickens and recycling.


The director of the Tippecanoe County Highway Department says more than 80 miles of county roads are in need of repair.

Opal Kuhl says in a normal year, crews will fix only about half that many.

She says road conditions are the worst she’s seen in 25 years.

As a result, she says it won’t be possible this year to address all the roads that need work.

And Kuhl isn’t sure yet if her department will need an additional appropriation from the County Council to repair the roads that need it most.

Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

Ever traveled from city to city and noticed that the police cars look the same, except for the paint?

This week on Ask The Mayor, we quiz Crawfordsville’s Todd Barton about that phenomenon and engage him on a larger discussion about purchasing.

Do cities follow a pack mentality, or can they branch out on their own and make decisions specific to them?

We also chat about the mayor’s feelings on the so-called "religious freedom" bill Governor Pence signed this morning.

County Leaders Want More Money For Local Road Projects

Mar 18, 2015
Matthew Fern /

County officials and construction companies are joining forces to lobby legislators for more money for local road maintenance.

The last state budget carved out a 65-million-dollar slice of sales taxes for local roads.

But Indiana Association of County Commissioners executive director Stephanie Yager says there‘s a half-billion-dollar gap between maintenance needs and what counties can afford.

She says her home county of Brown County illustrates how local governments are pushing against the limits of their financing options.

City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette officials say road repair projects that have slowed traffic near the Purdue campus should be complete by fall of 2015.

Public Works Director Dave Buck expects the rebuilding and repaving of Cumberland Avenue between Salisbury Street and Soldiers Home Road to be done by the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

Vegas Thornton /

The city of Frankfort is undergoing a construction binge of sorts. A ConAgra factory bigger than the Indianapolis convention center is being built, complete with its own access road from State Road 28.

But that state highway is a problem, as are the various railroad tracks that crisscross the city. WBAA’s Stan Jastrzebski recently took a trip around Frankfort with Mayor Chris McBarnes, who says there are places in his city that make him “embarrassed.”