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Indiana lawmakers are rushing to ban powdered alcohol before it reaches store shelves in the state. The bill’s author fears the substance could endanger young adults.  

When mixed with any liquid, a package of the powdered alcohol creates an instant cocktail with the same alcoholic content as a shot. Indiana lawmakers were already in the process of banning the substance when it received approval last week from federal authorities. Lafayette Republican Senator Ron Alting authored the bill. He plans to amend the legislation so it takes effect right away.

Senate Passes Ron Alting's Beer-tripling Allowance

Feb 26, 2015
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The Indiana Senate Tuesday passed a bill that would allow Indiana microbreweries to manufacture more alcohol per year.

Sen. Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) says the amended legislation is the result of a compromise between alcohol wholesalers and microbreweries.

The bill allows small breweries to increase their annual production limit from 30,000 barrels per year to 90,000.

The other half of the bill requires breweries distribute that alcohol through a wholesaler if their production exceeds 30,000 barrels.

Sun King and other small Indiana breweries are a step closer to being allowed to make more beer.

The House Public Policy Committee passed a bill from Rep. Ed Clere (R-New Albany) that would allow craft beer brewers to triple the amount of beer they can make and sell within the state each year.   

Right now, the limit is 30,000 barrels - if a brewery makes more, it has to obtain a different permit and is no longer allowed to distribute its own beer.

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Groups pushing Indiana to allow cold beer sales in convenience stores likely face a tough road in the state legislature. 

A federal judge this week ruled against convenience store owners in their lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on cold beer sales by non-liquor stores. 

In a statement, Attorney General Greg Zoeller noted that the proper place for debating the issue is the legislature. 

A bill being proposed by a Lafayette-area lawmaker would exempt military pay from Indiana’s income tax.

Military service members can currently exempt up to $5,000 of their pay.

State Senator Ron Alting’s bill would raise that exemption to 100% beginning in January 2015. 

The change would cut more than $36-million from state revenues, with that amount expected to increase each year.

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House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) says he has reservations about legislation headed to his chamber that he calls a significant expansion of gaming.  He's anticipating the House will amend the bill.

The Senate-approved legislation includes tax breaks for casinos, adding live table games to racetrack casinos and allowing riverboats to move their gaming facilities completely on land.  The bill aims to steel the state’s wagering facilities against pressure from gaming in all surrounding states.

Legislation Cracks Down on Spice and Bath Salts

Mar 15, 2012

Legislation drafted by a Lafayette lawmaker is now law.

Senator Ron Alting’s bill strengthening the ban on synthetic cannabanoids such as Spice and Bath Salts was signed Thursday by Governor Mitch Daniels.

Alting says the measure will likely serve as the standard for national laws.

Under the legislation, retailers who sell the synthetic drugs face losing their license for a year and individual workers could be prosecuted to up to eight years in jail.

Those who use the substances could face criminal charges similar to marijuana possession.

Indiana House and Senate lawmakers will meet Monday to hammer out the details of a final version of statewide smoking ban legislation.  For his part, Governor Mitch Daniels says he’s willing to help the cause.

The House passed a bill with exemptions for gaming facilities, cigar and hookah bars, tobacco shops and fraternal order clubs.  Bars and taverns were only exempted for the first 18 months.  The Senate added more, including a full exemption for bars, taverns and mental health and senior living facilities.

Those opposed to a Right to Work measure in the Indiana General Assembly are getting their side mobilized in the Lafayette area.