same sex marriage

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is defending a school’s decision to fire a married gay teacher. 

Roncalli High School guidance counselor says she may lose her job after administrators found out she is married to a woman.

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LGBT advocates say they’re waiting on pins and needles for a U.S. Supreme Court ruling later this month on marriage equality.

But they say regardless of the outcome, there’s more work to be done.

Ohioan Jim Obergefell married his husband John Arthur in Maryland in 2013.

But when John died a short time later, Ohio didn’t allow Obergefell to be recognized as Arthur’s husband on the death certificate.

The ensuing court case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court and could ultimately legalize same sex marriage across the country.

No Timeline For Decision In Gay Marriage Case

Aug 27, 2014
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The 7th Circuit Court of appeals does not have a timeline on when it will rule in the lawsuits again Indiana and Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage bans.

A three-judge panel heard oral arguments Tuesday.

The appeals court judges kept attorneys on both sides on their toes with questions throughout the arguments.

Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher was only a few sentences in when Judge Richard Posner started asking questions.

The state’s argument largely lies in the idea that Indiana has an interest in regulating procreation through marriage.

Rally against HJR6 set for Lafayette

Jan 3, 2014

Opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state are rallying Saturday in Lafayette and other cities throughout Indiana.

Ashley Smith is a board member with Pride Lafayette. She says their coalition against the amendment includes people of many different backgrounds.

Mayor of West Lafayette joins Freedom Indiana

Dec 3, 2013
City of West Lafayette

The mayor of West Lafayette is opposing a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in the state.

John Dennis one of several city leaders across Indiana joining the Freedom Indiana group. In a statement, the two-term, Republican says the amendment goes against the city's values.

While Purdue’s administration is not taking a stand on the proposed constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage – at least not yet – the University Senate could vote Monday to oppose it.

Faculty members will consider a resolution at their Monday meeting. It’s short and makes just four points.

Wabash, DePauw join Freedom Indiana

Nov 4, 2013

Wabash College and DePauw University are opposing an effort to ban same sex marriage in Indiana through a constitutional amendment. The two private institutions issued a joint-statement announcing they have joined Freedom Indiana, which is a bipartisan organization fighting the proposal.

The presidents of both schools say it will be more difficult for them to attract talented faculty and staff if the amendment is approved. They also say their institutions depend on an environment of openness and inclusion that would be compromised if the amendment is enacted.

Conversation with Purdue's president for October

Nov 1, 2013

Purdue University

Purdue’s president says a consensus must be reached before the university takes a stance on such a divisive issue as same sex marriage. Even then, Mitch Daniels says he’s not sure the university should get involved.

“It’s just a subject to be approached, I think, with some reflection and some caution,” he says. “You also have to say, you know, once you’ve done one of these, there might well be others and not sure what those (issues) might be or whether we’d be glad.”