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It’s the middle of the workday, and Chumley’s bar in downtown Lafayette is packed with people watching the NCAA tourney. They’re wearing work clothes—not jerseys.

Checkered sportscoat-clad lawyer (and Cincinnati fan) Jim Olds ducked out of the office to check in on the Butler-Texas Tech game.

“We’re sneaking away on the lunch hour to watch some games,” he says of himself and his lunch companion. “We won’t have any public displays in the office, but I have a feeling there will be a number of people probably watching on their computers.”

International Society of Arboriculture

In a university town, September usually means one thing: college football. But there’s another sport at Purdue you probably won’t catch on the Big 10 Network. Every fall, arborists from across the country immerse themselves in the world of competitive tree climbing.

Yes, it’s an actual thing. The winner of Indiana’s championship gets a lot of aboriculture swag – a fancy water bottle and a handsaw is included in the prize package – and a chance to compete at the international tree climbing finals next spring.

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

Sales of archery equipment have spiked in the last couple years – especially among fans of movie heroes wielding bows and arrows. That archery craze has helped bolster sales for a small Indiana company that builds its business around people shooting each other. It's a game that’s sort of like dodgeball and paintball meeting The Hunger Games.

One of the first things I did when I went to see Archery Tag played was get shot with an arrow. At close range. By someone who shoots arrows for a living.

Purdue Athletics mourns retired administrator

Apr 10, 2012

A former Purdue athlete and long-time athletics administrator has died.

Roger Blalock passed away Monday at the age of 65.

He recently retired as senior associate athletics director at Purdue. He held that job since June, 2004 – overseeing seven sports programs, including softball, volleyball and wrestling.

Blalock played basketball for Purdue and received a bachelor’s degree in 1969.

He worked at Eastern Michigan University for two-years, but spent most of his career at Purdue in various positions.

Purdue Sports Podcast

Mar 6, 2012

WBAA's Sam Klemet and student reporter Rob McMahon discuss the Purdue women's basketball team's Big Ten Tournament championship, preview the Boilermakers' men's conference tournament hopes, and take a look at the  hot starts of the Purdue baseball and softball teams.

Purdue Sports Podcast

Feb 27, 2012

WBAA's Sam Klemet speaks with Jeff Washburn of the Lafayette Journal & Courier about the Purdue men's basketball season and previews the upcoming Big Ten and NCAA tournament.   The Indiana Basketball Hall-of-Fame inductee also talks about his 40-year career from covering Matt Painter's decision to return to Purdue and balancing family, as well as the future of sports journalism.

Purdue Sports Podcast

Dec 12, 2011

WBAA's Sam Klemet and Rob McMahon discuss the Purdue Volleyball team's season, which ended in the Sweet 16.  They also cover both Boilermakers' basketball teams and the football team as it prepares for its first bowl game in four years.