Stars and Stripes

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The annual Fourth of July Stars and Stripes festival -- a summer staple in downtown Lafayette -- has been cancelled for this year, with local officials citing COVID-19 safety concerns over crowd size. 

Lafayette City Clerk Cindy Murray, who chairs the Stars and Stripes committee, said the decision was made in consultation with the health department and other city and county officials.

Several groups and soloists join at Riehle Plaza this Fourth of July to celebrate Independence Day. WBAA's John Clare spoke with conductor William D. Kissinger about the 2019 Stars and Stripes Celebration.

Hoosiers Encouraged To Display Old Glory, But Do It Properly

Jul 3, 2014
Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile

As Hoosiers honor the country this Fourth of July, they're being encouraged to follow proper flag etiquette when flying "Old Glory."

Mike Buss, a deputy director with the American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis, says the American flag represents the nation's freedom and should be honored by all citizens, regardless of their political views.