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What's Causing A 20% Drop In Indiana's Abortion Rate

Jul 2, 2015
Alice Harold /

Abortion rates are on the decline  across the country.

A recent Associated Press survey revealed abortion rates on average dropped 12-percent nationally. In Indiana the decline was even more dramatic. 

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Gretchen Frazee reports on what’s likely causing the decline and what that means for young women in Indiana.

Proposed legislation that passed a Senate committee Wednesday places stricter regulation on the dispensing of the abortion-inducing drug known as RU-486 and the clinics that provide it. Those clinics would be required to have the same facilities as a surgical abortion center, including access to anesthesia, surgical equipment and specific door and room sizes.  Any physicians or facilities that do not typically dispense RU-486 would be exempt.

Senator Vaneta Becker (R-Evansville) says the bill will make it harder for women to safely access abortion-inducing drugs.

A request to investigate the Planned Parenthood of Indiana clinic in Lafayette likely will result in legislative action.

Indiana Right to Life asked Attorney General Greg Zoeller to look into whether the Lafayette facility was illegally performing abortions.

The clinic performs medication or chemical abortions, but not surgical procedures.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana will continue to receive federal Medicaid dollars after the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the group’s favor Tuesday.  Still, an Indiana pro-life group wants the fight to go on.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana brought suit against the state after the General Assembly passed legislation in 2011 halting Medicaid funding to abortion providers and Governor Mitch Daniels signed it into law.

A federal district judge last year temporarily halted the effects of the law and Tuesday the Seventh Circuit upheld that ruling.