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The Indiana Solicitor General says the state’s new abortion law requiring fetal remains to be either cremated or buried is about ensuring respect for life.

The ACLU of Indiana says it’s irrational to treat fetal remains the same as human remains.  

Indiana’s new abortion law says medical facilities, including abortion clinics, must cremate or bury aborted or miscarried fetal remains, not dispose of them as medical waste (as has been the case under state law). 

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The Indiana Supreme Court will consider the future of Indiana’s personalized license plates after the state and the ACLU each had their say over a lawsuit challenging the program.

Greenfield Police Officer Rodney Vawter, with approval from the Fraternal Order of Police, had a license plate that read “0INK.” 

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles revoked it, calling it inappropriate.  The ACLU of Indiana, on behalf of Vawter, sued the BMV, saying its policy violates free speech rights. 

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Indiana’s Supreme Court justices suggested in oral arguments Thursday that unions’ problem with the state’s right to work law isn’t with the state. It’s with the federal government.

The court heard arguments today in a lawsuit the International Operating Engineers union brought against the state, challenging the controversial state statute.

Indiana’s right to work law bars union contracts that require non-members pay fees for representation.

No Timeline For Decision In Gay Marriage Case

Aug 27, 2014
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The 7th Circuit Court of appeals does not have a timeline on when it will rule in the lawsuits again Indiana and Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage bans.

A three-judge panel heard oral arguments Tuesday.

The appeals court judges kept attorneys on both sides on their toes with questions throughout the arguments.

Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher was only a few sentences in when Judge Richard Posner started asking questions.

The state’s argument largely lies in the idea that Indiana has an interest in regulating procreation through marriage.