Tim Sands

Purdue's summer enrollment up 10% from a year ago

Jul 16, 2013

The summer semester ends August 2 at Purdue, but some administrators already are thinking about what to offer next year.

Provost Tim Sands says preliminary numbers show an enrollment increase of at least 10% from a year ago. He calls that positive, but administrators were hoping for more.

“Around the country, a lot of campuses reported decreases because the economy was improving and students were going out working. Somehow we managed to increase despite the overall trend,” he says, “but there’s a lot more to be done there.”

Purdue University

Purdue’s acting-president is entering his final week leading the university. Dr. Tim Sands returns to the provost’s office January 15, when Mitch Daniels officially begins his term as president.

Sands says he’s learned many things about Purdue through meetings with lawmakers, the state’s business leaders and alumni. He expects that to serve him well as he returns to the job of chief academic officer.

He says he’s prepared for job offers from other universities, but made a commitment to serve Purdue for the immediate future. Sands has served as provost since April, 2010.

Purdue University

Purdue’s request for a new academic building on campus is moving forward. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is recommending the proposed Active Learning Center to the State Budget Committee for its consideration.

Purdue acting-President Tim Sands says the building would focus on learning spaces that promote collaboration among students. It also would consolidate some of the 14 libraries on campus.

CHE proposes funding increase for state schools

Dec 17, 2012

The state Budget Committee is getting a recommendation to invest more money in Purdue and other Indiana colleges and universities.

The Commission for Higher Education wants the General Assembly to allocate an additional $255-million in the next budget for those schools.

Purdue acting President Tim Sands says that is important to keep tuition cost from rising and make up for previous cuts.

Purdue University

The Academic Affairs Committee of the Purdue Board of Trustees met Nov. 15th to discuss the university's Academic Program Assessment and the Foundations of Excellence effort.

WBAA's Mike Loizzo talked with Purdue acting-President Tim Sands about some of the specifics related to those two initiatives and how they will help the university and its students.

Purdue University

The head of Purdue’s University Senate says there needs to be a close inspection of how the institution does business.

Professor Paul Robinson says they have identified a number of issues where they see problems with how the university operates.

He’s calling for a critical review of all aspects of the university, to make sure every area is pulling its weight.

Purdue University

WBAA's Mike Loizzo talked with Purdue acting-President Tim Sands about several issues during their monthly interview in October.

Topics covered include the COACHE survey of faculty satisfaction, meeting with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, expansion plans for the College of Engineering, and online education efforts at Purdue.

Purdue working on expanding distance learning offerings

Oct 2, 2012

Purdue’s interim president says the university has the potential to be a leader in distance learning.

Tim Sands says Purdue has the educational and information technology expertise to implement successful online classes.

He says one goal is to attract students who otherwise wouldn’t have considered or been able to attend Purdue.

But Sands says the main objective is to improve the educational outcomes for the university’s tuition-paying students on campus.

He says Purdue has been involved in distance learning for a decade.

Purdue University

WBAA's Mike Loizzo talks with Purdue acting President Tim Sands about Fall 2012 enrollment figures, recent college rankings, the university's biennium budget request, President-elect Mitch Daniels on campus for college forums, and the trimester plan.

Purdue has implemented a number of tools to ensure the campus community knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Senior director of environmental health and public safety Carol Shelby says the structure and guidance for these efforts is laid out in a series of policies.

She says safety information is available on the Purdue University app for smartphones, by clicking the safety and weather information link on Purdue’s homepage, and in a series of “Campus Safety with Purdue Pete” videos on the university’s YouTube page.