Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission

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A Tippecanoe County law would drastically restrict the number of days county residents could rent their homes out to visitors on websites such as Airbnb. But the law could be hamstrung by a bill making its way through the state legislature.

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As the city of Lafayette finalizes its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, officials in West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County are looking into developing similar documents.

Area Plan Commission Senior Transportation Planner Doug Poad says the county has started preparing to put a plan together, including noting the location of all existing sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and trails, based on satellite photography.

APC approves WL housing complex

Dec 20, 2012

A West Lafayette housing complex is moving forward.

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission unanimously approved a proposal to construct a 266-unit development where Cumberland Avenue ends west of U.S 52.

Amy Glenn is against the project.

She lives near the proposed site and thinks the space could serve a better purpose.

"We have plenty of market saturation when it comes to available housing and rental units here in the area," said Glenn.  "I think better use for our community is to develop business and to bring growth for jobs rather than more housing."

Talks begin on New Chauncey long term plan

Oct 10, 2012

Members of the New Chauncey Neighborhood are putting together a plan for how it wants the community to grow.

They are working with architects, Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission staff, and the city of West Lafayette on the document.

Carl Griffin is part of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Team. 

He says the goal is to have a more uniform understanding of the type of projects that will be allowed in the area.

WL eyes land use map

Oct 2, 2012

A future land use plan is under construction in West Lafayette.

The City and Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission are developing it, specifically for the New Chauncey Neighborhood.

Ryan O’Gara is the Assistant Director of the APC. He says the document will help provide a clearer vision for future projects.

“A future land use plan map literally is a map of the neighborhood and it shows general areas where we'd like growth to occur and what type of growth," said O'Gara. 

APC rejects duplex development

Sep 19, 2012

A plan to build a 178 lot duplex development just outside of West Lafayette is not getting the backing of the Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission.

Members voted eleven-to-one against the project between Kalberer Road and County Road 500 North.

Assistant Director Ryan O’Gara says the proposal does not align with the makeup of the community.

“Staff just generally has a problem with this whenever there is an increase in density on the suburban fringe, which this certainly qualifies for that designation,” he said.

A pair of apartment projects is not getting the full support of the Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission.

Members voted 7-5 in favor of both, however, eight votes are required for official recommendation.

The first proposal request was to rezone an area to make way for an eleven building complex on the corner of U.S 231 and Veterans Memorial Parkway just outside of Lafayette.

Despite the inconclusive vote, the members requested the project be sent to County Commissioners, but with no recommendation.

APC approves two new apartment complexes

Jul 19, 2012

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission must take another vote on a proposed 206 unit apartment complex just outside of Lafayette.

Commissioners voted seven-to-five to deny the project on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and U.S 231, but eight votes are required to move forward.

APC staff is pushing for denial because they say the proposed development represents residential sprawl.

The commission did approve two other apartment projects. 

Members voted ten-to-two in favor of a complex along Northwestern Avenue in West Lafayette’s New Chauncey Neighborhood.

West Lafayette’s downtown may soon look a little different.

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission approved a rezoning request that makes way for a five story apartment and retail complex.

The building will be on the corner of State Street next to Brothers Bar.

Purdue Student Body President Joe Rust says the project is a positive for the area.

APC recommends NW Ave. complex

Jun 21, 2012

A planned development along Northwestern Avenue across from Mackey Arena is “more subdued” than previous proposals.

That’s according to Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission Assistant Director Ryan O’Gara.

He says Stadium Capital LLC’s plan to build a mixed-use facility on the site falls more in line with the area's makeup than a project that was denied in February.