Tippecanoe County courthouse

City of West Lafayette

It doesn’t take much driving around Greater Lafayette to learn the summer’s buzzword: construction.

West Lafayette has less than two weeks before college students begin returning in droves and there are still questions about whether State Street will be open to accommodate that, particularly after last month’s rains and two gas main strikes earlier this week.

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The Tippecanoe County Commissioners are one vote away from changing their policy on how the county courthouse may be used for displays and demonstrations.

The previous policy, which allowed the commissioners to approve or deny permits as they saw fit, was struck down by a federal court earlier this year.

The new policy is, in the words of county attorney Doug Masson, “viewpoint neutral,” though it retains restrictions on when a display may occur – mostly to avoid disturbing legal proceedings in the courthouse.

Tippecanoe County Courthouse Dome In Need Of Repair

Jun 9, 2015
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Tippecanoe County could have a fairly sizable unexpected expense in its 2016 budget.

Commissioner Dave Byers told the county council Tuesday the courthouse dome is in need of repair.

He says the maintenance director alerted him to pieces of metal falling off the outside of the dome onto the roof of the courthouse.

Tippecanoe Courts To Offer Warrant Amnesty

Jun 3, 2015
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Tippecanoe County courts are offering a clean slate to those with misdemeanor and low-level criminal cases. More than 7,000 warrants will be eligible for elimination on June 30 during the county’s Warrant Recall Day.

Most warrants and writs issued from Superior Courts 4, 5, and 6 will be eligible for the one-day-only program, as well as civil writs from Superior Court 3.  Warrants issued for failures to appear for initial hearings, guilty pleas, and case management can all be cleared, but cases regarding probation and community corrections violations will not be recalled.

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Hoping to prevent violent actions like those at the Tippecanoe and Howard County courthouses, Montgomery County officials are trying to expedite security upgrades to their courthouse.

County Commissioner Phil Bane says a judge recently received a phone call threatening his life, leading to discussions about how to make the structure and its inhabitants safer.

Round the Fountain Art Fair

May 20, 2013

A Lafayette cultural event is celebrating 40 years. The Round the Fountain Art Fair is Saturday, May 25, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. Juried event includes more than 90 artists from dozens of states showing and selling their work. Admission is free.

Lafayette group wants new lights on the courthouse

Sep 25, 2012

The Friends of Downtown are trying to get new holiday lights for the Tippecanoe County Courthouse.

The group wants to replace the current lights with more efficient LED ones, and add eight more strands.

Friends Treasurer Steve Bultinck says they want to make the courthouse look less like a lampshade and more like a Christmas tree.

"We want to extends the lights from where they hook-up at the top, all the way down to the roofline."

Courthouse repairs to get underway soon

Apr 16, 2012

Repairs to the exterior of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse will get underway soon.

Commissioners have approved a roughly $670,000 contract to replace damaged limestone and repair the building’s chimneys.

Commission president Tom Murtaugh says a forensic study last year revealed a variety of work that needs to be done.

He says the original plan was to finish the project over the next four years, but the county has the money to repair the entire building this year.