Tippecanoe County

County and WL adopt plans to comply with ADA

Dec 18, 2012

Tippecanoe County and West Lafayette officials have approved “one-stop” documents designed to answer all questions about complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The A-D-A Transition Plans detail regulations for new and renovated structures, as well as provide a grievance process for individuals who feel they are being discriminated against because of their disability.

Tippecanoe County Commissioners adopted their plan yesterday.

West Lafayette Board of Works members approved a similar document today.

Greater Lafayette is looking to further establish a relationship with China.

Leaders from Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County met with a group from the Shandong Province, Thursday.

The goal was to share culture and discuss business opportunities.

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski calls the community’s relationship with China the best in the state.

Tippecanoe elected officials sworn in

Dec 12, 2012

The only new member of the Tippecanoe County Council says his previous experience is preparing him for his new role.

Bryan Metzger, who won one of three open at-large seats in November’s election, is replacing Kathy Vernon.

He says his time working in the county extension office gives him a solid foundation for working on the council.

"I've observed the County Council and worked with them over the years as County Extension Director, so I've been on the other side of the table," he said.  "Now it's time to give back and work ahead."

Local, state child poverty rising

Nov 28, 2012

Child poverty locally and around the state is rising.

According to numbers from the Indiana Youth Institute, the percentage of kids living in poverty in Tippecanoe County rose from eleven percent in 2000 to 20-percent in 2010. 

And, statewide the increase was from 12 to 22 percent during that time.

Institute President and CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz says there is a combination of factors contributing to the higher figures.

Property taxes due by midnight Tuesday

Nov 12, 2012

This fall's property tax payment deadline was extended for the second installment, since November 10th was Saturday and county offices were closed Monday to observe Veterans Day.

Payments must be made in person during your county treasurer’s office hours, left in designated drop-boxes, or postmarked with Tuesday’s date at the post office.

Tippecanoe County Treasurer Bob Plantenga says in addition to online payment with credit card, his office is trying out an e-check method this fall.

2012 early voting outpacing 2008 in Tippecanoe Co.

Oct 13, 2012

The first four days of early voting in Tippecanoe County brought 638 people into the Board of Elections office to cast a ballot.

The first week of early voting four years ago, during the last presidential election, produced 547 ballots. Tippecanoe County Circuit Clerk Christa Coffey says that’s a 14.3% increase this year.

“Many absentee ballots were sent and received” by the office, she says. “I’ll have official numbers by Monday morning.”

First day early voting up in Tipp. Co.

Oct 9, 2012

More Tippecanoe County voters cast a ballot on the first day of early voting this year, compared to four years ago.

The Election’s Office reports, as of three this afternoon, 184 people voted.

One-hundred-forty turned out for the first day in 2008.

Those wanting to cast a ballot before the November 6th election can do so at the Tippecanoe County Elections Office or at their local circuit clerk’s office during business hours.

Tuesday also was the final day to register to vote in the election.

Local unemployment down, state figures up

Sep 21, 2012

Tippecanoe County and the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette are seeing encouraging unemployment figures while the state, as a whole, struggles.

Both the county and Lafayette saw their rates fall a half-a-percent from July to August.  Unemployment in West Lafayette is down two-tenths to 5.6

But, Indiana’s overall unemployment rate rose despite adding 72,000 private sector jobs last month.

The state’s rate was 8.3-percent in August, up a tenth of a point from July.

Historic house's future uncertain

Aug 9, 2012

Opening the gate into the front lawn of the Moses Fowler House in Lafayette is in a sense unlocking the history of city.

How the community became what it is today is in many ways tied to this home.

“Even though Moses Fowler wasn't like the founder of Lafayette, he was instrumental," said Kathy Atwell, "and an example of what early men brought to the town and really built it the town and built it up from a river town to where it had schools, and libraries, and grand mansions like this.”

Tippecanoe County is again facing potential cutbacks.

Auditor Jennifer Weston is projecting 2013 revenue of just over $38-million, but believes that will fall short of expenditures.