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Hoosiers changed the way property taxes are calculated, says Tippecanoe County Auditor Bob Plantenga, when voters in 2009 overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment setting permanent limits on all property taxes.

The total tax bill on residential property can’t exceed 1-percent of the home’s gross assessed value.

Tax bills on rental units, Ag land and long-term care facilities can’t exceed 2-percent of the value. The limit for business and industry is 3-percent.

Tippecanoe County Commissioners Debate 2016 Pay Raises

May 4, 2015
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The Tippecanoe County Commissioners are recommending a two-percent raise for county employees in 2016.

The pay hike will cost the county roughly $350,000.

Commissioner Dave Byers voted against the two-percent increase, because he believes county employees deserve more.

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An initially controversial rezone in Tippecanoe County has been approved by county commissioners.

In April, the Area Plan Commission advised against rezoning land just west of Battle Ground Middle School to allow development of high density housing.

The rezone was largely opposed by neighbors as well, who were concerned about the number of homes being proposed for the land and the drainage problems they might cause.

The request was tabled at last month’s commissioners meeting to give the developer a chance to address these issues.

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New animal control ordinances are in place for the city of Lafayette and the unincorporated portions of Tippecanoe County.

Review of the existing ordinances was prompted by different reasons in the two municipalities, but the goal of the new policies is the same: to keep the pet population healthy and at a manageable level.

West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County have finalized plans to fund Amtrak’s Hoosier State Line for one year. The city will pay $16,667 a month and the county’s share is $25,000 a month.

Mayor John Dennis says the agreement creates an oversight board made-up of the state and communities funding the service.

Fireworks restrictions planned for Tippecanoe Co

Jul 15, 2013

The Tippecanoe County Commission will consider restrictions on when people may set off fireworks.

Commissioner Tom Murtaugh says he’s been hearing complaints from residents living outside the Lafayette and West Lafayette city limits. He says those are about noise and fireworks landing in people’s yards.

Murtaugh says the proposal will be similar to the two cities, which prohibit fireworks except for a few days before and after the 4th of July and on New Year’s Eve. Those times are set aside as allowable by state law.

How much cash reserves are enough? That’s the question Tippecanoe County officials are trying to determine. Members of the county council and commission are working out a five year financial plan before they begin crafting next year’s budget.

While the county has close to $20 million in its general and rainy day funds, a financial consultant wants there to be significant reserves in other funds too.

Commissioner Tom Murtaugh says they’ll have to find the right balance between maintaining steady revenue and increasing costs.

One newcomer elected to Tippecanoe County Council

Nov 7, 2012

Republicans will continue to hold all the seats on the Tippecanoe County Council.

Incumbents Kevin Underwood and John Basham won re-election. Bryan Metzger will fill the seat being vacated by Kathy Vernon.

Democrat Robb Haywood came up about 1,800 votes short. Libertarian Randy Young won about 9% of the vote.

Republicans also won re-election to the county treasurer, surveyor and coroner offices without opposition.
 Commissioners David Byers and Tom Murtaugh also were re-elected without an opponent.

Tippecanoe is one of three counties participating in a pilot program aimed at making transcribing court proceedings easier.

Indiana’s Supreme and Appellate courts are setting up video cameras in Tippecanoe’s Superior Court Three. The recordings would serve as transcripts.

Commissioner Tom Murtaugh says there is an opportunity for cost savings by cutting back on paper and labor expenses.

The video cameras are in the process of being installed. Murtaugh says they should be up and running in August.

Tippecanoe County Commissioners are considering whether or not there is enough money in the budget to give county employees raises in 2013.

They must have a recommendation to the county Auditor by July 1st.

This year, most county employees received a 2% increase.

Scenarios being considered for 2013 range from no pay hike to a 3.5% increase.

Commissioners believe there will be enough money in the budget for some type of raise, but say they need to take a closer look at potential revenue and expenses before making a recommendation.