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State lawmakers are arguing over labeling and testing requirements for cannabidiol, or CBD, manufacturers in the final days of the 2018 session.

The Senate this session put certain labeling and testing requirements into CBD legislation. That includes a provision to require all manufacturers to submit their CBD oil to an independent lab for inspection.

Rep. Tom Washburne (R-Inglefield) says his chamber wants to minimize such requirements.

Simpler CBD Legalization Bill Clears House Committee

Jan 24, 2018

A House committee passed legislation Wednesday to legalize cannabidiol, or CBD. The unanimously-approved bill takes a simpler approach to authorizing its use.


The House passed legislation that aims to crack down on heroin dealers and those who rob pharmacies. But critics argue the legislature is “backsliding” to previous, failed attempts to address the drug epidemic.

The bill increases penalties for robbing a pharmacy and dealing certain amounts of heroin. It also prevents a judge from suspending all or part of some heroin dealing sentences.

Bill Aims To Close Loophole In Child Pornography Law

Mar 21, 2017

A Senate committee advanced legislation that closes a loophole in Indiana’s child pornography statute. The bill’s author, Rep. Tom Washburne (R-Inglefield) says it helps state law keep up with modern times.

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Legislation opening up records from Indiana’s closed adoptions era – 1941 to 1993 – cleared a major legislative hurdle Monday.

This year’s adoption records bill gives birth mothers four options – allow contact, allow contact only through an intermediary, bar contact entirely, or only allow their children access to the birth mother’s medical records. 

Last year’s version of the bill was killed in a House committee after fears arose over birth mother privacy. But bill author Sen. Brent Steele (R-Bedford) says this year’s changes have removed most of the opposition. 

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A group of adoption activists is renewing a battle to allow adopted Hoosiers to know who their birth mother was.

Hoosiers older than 74 can already get a copy of their birth certificate, and beginning this year, adopted children have access to those records once they turn 21. But Hoosiers born between 1941 and 1993 have to go through a confidential intermediary.

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The House Monday approved a bill that supporters call a shield protecting people of faith.  The Religious Freedom Restoration Act creates a judicial test for Indiana courts that ensures a government can only restrict religious practices if it has a compelling reason and does so in the least restrictive way. 

Supporters, such as Rep. Tom Washburne (R-Inglefield), say the bill helps ensure Hoosiers live in harmony with each other.