Tony Roswarski

Summer sewage rates extended in Lafayette

Sep 10, 2012

Lafayette is encouraging its residents to beautify their property despite the summer drought.

The city is extending summer sewage rates, so homeowners won’t be charged more for watering their lawns and gardens.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says it’s a one-time move based on unique circumstances.

The extension is for one month.

Each year, Lafayette reduces the amount of sewage charged to residents during the summer for these watering purposes.

The City of Lafayette is expected to work with about $1.8 million more next year. The city council will take a first vote on the 2013 budget Monday.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says the increase is due primarily to four areas.

"That's a two percent raise for our employees. That's a 12 percent placeholder on insurance. It's an increase in the Public Employees Retirement Fund that we're required to do, and then some bump in gasoline costs. When you add that all up, that's about 95 percent of the increase, so it's really a lean budget."

The city of Lafayette is looking to create a new position that its mayor says could save millions.

Tony Roswarski says the impact of bringing on a Construction Manager for the Long Term Control Plan could be significant.

“We think using some stuff, and if we can get this one more position, we can stay on top of a lot of these projects," he said.  "Until 2026 we have projects to do.  We would literally save millions of dollars in those types of fees.”

The position would help with work on projects similar to the sewage tunnel, as well as storm water efforts.

Lafayette is moving forward with efforts to annex three parcels of land.

City council members approved resolutions to take over land near Saint Elizabeth East, IU Arnett Hospital, and a section of Veterans Memorial Parkway at U.S. 52.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says much of the land being annexed is undeveloped.

"We want to get a good strategic plan in there for infrastructure, for roads, for drainage, for zoning to make sure that as things develop, they complement the city, they add to the type of growth that we want to have for the city."

Lafayette celebrates Chatham Square development

May 10, 2012
Mike Loizzo / WBAA

A resident of Lafayette’s Chatham Square says there’s nothing like it in the city.

Will Currin and his family live in one of the community’s 89 rental units.

"It's very nice, very different. It seems like something that doesn't belong here. Seems like something that belongs in another town. It's good for the children, very roomy, and the management is great to deal with.”

He says his townhome is energy efficient, which helps keep utility costs low. Currin looked on during the ribbon cutting ceremony for Chatham Square Thursday morning.

Construction is beginning soon on a new manufacturing plant in Lafayette.

Heartland Automotive is building on Veterans Memorial Parkway so it can expand its business. The company makes car parts for Subaru and Toyota, and currently is on Kepner Drive in Lafayette.

Senior Vice President Ronan Miot says they’re running out of space at that facility.

"We want to be closer to our customers, to better service them as well. So, in the past couple years, we've expanded our production and we feel the need to expand and be closer to them is the right time, right now."

Millions of dollars in income tax revenue has been withheld from counties because of another programming error at the state Department of Revenue.  As a result, the head of the Department of Revenue is stepping down.

Roughly $206 million of Local Option Income Tax funds were supposed to be distributed to Indiana counties since January of 2011, but were incorrectly stored in the state’s General Fund.  That comes after the state announced only four months ago more than $300 million in corporate tax revenue was mistakenly withheld from the General Fund.

Lafayette Considers Annexation

Mar 8, 2012

About 850 acres may become part of Lafayette.

The city is considering annexing two areas near Saint Elizabeth East and IU Arnett hospitals.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says the extra property gives the city’s business environment a chance to grow.

He says it’s not yet known how much the annexation would affect property taxes, but expects to have that information at public meetings later this month.

The first is March 20th at Ivy Tech for homeowners.  A March 21st meeting is scheduled at the community college for businesses and apartment complexes.

INDOT gives control of US52 & SR26 to Lafayette

Feb 15, 2012

Lafayette leaders will have a great say over two major roads running through the city.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and city's Board of Works have signed an agreement to transfer to the city of Lafayette responsibility for 19.6 miles of U.S. 52 and nearly 7.5 miles of State Road 26 through the city.  In exchange, INDOT has agreed to pay the city $21 million.

Lafayette's new fire chief to be announced Jan. 3

Dec 30, 2011

Two and a half weeks after announcing a change in leadership at the Lafayette Fire Department, Mayor Tony Roswarski is set to hire a new chief.

A news release from the mayor's office states Roswarski finished interviewing candidates for the position and will review resumes over the weekend.

He's expected to notify the top finalist Monday and have that person sworn in Tuesday immediately following the Board of Works meeting.

Lafayette Awarded EPA Grant

Dec 22, 2011

Lafayette is one of eight cities in the country receiving a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The money provides free neighborhood design consultation next year.

The goal is to give Lafayette tools to be Greener and more efficient with its infrastructure development and policy making.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says the city has taken key steps in protecting the environment and the grant will help it go above and beyond.