Tony Stewart

Indiana Veterans Home Superintendent stepping down

Mar 22, 2012

The Indiana Veterans Home is looking for a new superintendent.

Tony Stewart announced his resignation from the position to staff at the state-run facility Monday, reportedly to pursue another job opportunity.

He had been superintendent since 2008.

Stewart made many changes during his tenure, including demolishing some older buildings and making improvements to other structures.

He also attempted to cut costs by outsourcing certain support services such as housekeeping.

An interim superintendent has not been named.

Indiana Veterans Home changes health care provider

Feb 22, 2012

The Indiana Veterans Home has undergone some changes in the past month.

New doctors, specialists, therapists, and nurses are treating residents of the facility on North River Road in West Lafayette.

Superintendent Tony Stewart says the goal of switching to Indianapolis-based Preferred Home Health Care is to improve front-end care and avoid external hospitalizations.

He says reaction to the changes has been positive for the most part.

The Indiana Veterans' Home is a state-operated facility under the administration of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.